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East of England Euros

The London European region covers Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. It currently returns 7 members of the European Parliament. In 2004 the region returned 3 Conservative MEPs, 2 UKIP MEPs, 1 Lib Dems MEP and 1 Labour MEP.

Sitting MEPs and 2004 Results

1. portrait Geoffrey van Orden (Conservative) 465,526 (30.8%)
2. portrait Jeffrey Titford (UKIP) 296,160 (19.6%) (Will step down at next election)
3. portrait Richard Howitt (Labour) 244,929 (16.2%)
4. portrait Robert Sturdy (Conservative) (232,763)
5. portrait Andrew Duff (Lib Dem) 211,378 (14.0%)
6. portrait Christopher Beazley (Conservative) (155,176) (Will stand down at the next election)
7. portrait Tom Wise (Independent) (148,080) (Originally elected as UKIP)
-. Martin Bell (Independent) 93,028 (6.2%)
-. Green 84,068 (5.6%)
-. BNP 65,557 (4.3%)
-. English Democrats 26,807 (1.8%)
-. Respect 13,904 (0.9%)
-. Jim Naisbitt (Independent) 5,137 (0.3%)
-. Pro Life 3,730 (0.3%)

2009 Candidates


1. portraitRichard Howitt. Sitting MEP. Born 1961 Reading. Educated at Oxford University. Harlow councllor 1985-1995. Contested Billericay 1987. MEP for Essex South 1994, for East of England since 1999.
2. portraitBeth Kelly. Education consultant and former Maths teacher. Contested Hertsmere 1997.
3. portraitNigel Gardner. Former BBC journalist and chairman of a public affairs company. Contested Suffolk Coastal 2001, Lichfield 2005.
4. portraitSherma Batson. Hertfordshire county councillor. Stevenage councillor. Awarded the MBE in 2008 for services to local government.
5. portraitJames Valentine. Educated at Manchester Grammar and Durham University. Contested Mid Bedfordshire 2001.
6. portraitKatie Curtis. NUS National women’s officer.
7. portraitChris Ostrowski. Educated at University of East Anglia in Norwich. Works in retail and e-commerce.


1. portraitGeoffrey Van Orden Sitting MEP. Born 1945, Waterlooville. Former Brigadier in the Intelligence Corps. MEP for the East of England since 1999.
2. portraitRobert Sturdy Sitting MEP. Born 1944, Wetherby. Educated at Ashville College, Harrogate. Former farmer. MEP for Cambridge and Bedfordshire North 1994-1999, East of England since 1999.
3. portraitVicky Ford Born 1967. Educated at Cambridge University. Contested Birmingham Northfield 2005.
4. portraitJohn Flack. Educated at Abbs Cross High School. Director of a property investment company. Contested London 1999 European electon and Northumbria 1994 European election. Contested Enfield Southgate 2001.
5. portraitJonathan Morgan. Born Suffolk. Architect. Contested East of England 2004 European elections.
6. portraitClaire Strong.
7. portraitClaire Whelan. Former director of the Tory Reform Group. Lambeth councillor.

Liberal Democrat

1. portraitAndrew Duff Sitting MEP. Born 1950, Birkenhead. Educated at Cambridge University. Cambridge councillor 1982-1990. MEP for East of England since 1999. Awarded the OBE for services to politics 1997.
2. portraitLinda Jack Born Luton. Policy advisor at the FSA and former teacher. Former councillor. Contested Luton North 2005.
3. portraitIan Mack Born Ilford. Educated at Buckhurst Hill County High and Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine. GP. West Norfolk councillor since 2007. Contested Norfolk North West 2001, South Norfolk 2005.
4. portraitPeter Welch Auditor. Will contest Southend West at the next election.
5. portraitEarnshaw Palmer Born 1958, Sierra Leone. Accounts manager at the LGA. Thurrock councillor 2002-2004. Contested East of England in 2004 European elections.
6. portraitAndrew Houseley Born Felixstowe. Educated at Lancaster University. Human resources consultant and specialist travel book publisher. Contested Suffolk Central and Ipswich North 2005.
7. portraitQurban Hussain Educated at Bedford College and Luton University. Luton councillor since 2003. Contested Luton South 2005.


1. portraitDavid Campbell Bannerman Educated at Edinburgh University. Communications director and former special advisor to Sir Patrick mayhew. Tunbridge Wells councillor 1992-1996. Contested Glasgow Rutherglen 1997, Warwick and Leamington Spa 2001 as a Conservative, North Cornwall 2005 for UKIP. Contested Highlands and Islands in 2007 Scottish elections. Contested UKIP leadership election in 2006, deputy leader of UKIP since 2006. Will contest Suffolk South at next election.
2. portraitStuart Agnew Educated at Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester. Farmer. Contested Mid Norfolk 2001, Norfolk North 2005.
Will contest Broadland at next election.
3. portraitAndrew Smith Chartered accountant. Will contest Epping Forest at next election.
4. portraitStuart Gulleford Political advisor and former Vice Chairman of Brentwood Chamber of Commerce. Contested Brentwood and Ongar 2005. Will contest Brentwood and Ongar at next election.
5. portraitAmy O’Boyle
6. portraitMick McGough Contested Chingford and Woodford Green 2005. Contested Londonwide list in 2008.
7. portraitMichael Baker North Norfolk councillor.


1. portraitRupert Read Reader in Philosophy at East Anglia University. Norwich councillor.
2. portraitPeter Lynn Professor of Survey Methodology at Essex University. Will contest Colchester at next election.
3. portraitJames Abbott Born 1960. Educated at UCL. Runs a gardening business. Braintree councillor since 1999. Contested Braintree 1992, 1997, 2001, 2005. Contested Essex North and Suffolk South 1994 European elections. Will contest Witham at next election.
4. portraitMarc Scheimann Educated at St Columba’s College. Computer consultant. Former councillor. Contested Luton South 2005.
5. portraitAngela Thomson Chartered librarian.
6. portraitAndrew Stringer Mid-Suffolk councillor.
7. portraitAmy Drayson Student at Ipswich University.


1. portraitEddy Butler Educated at University of London. BNP national elections officer.
2. portraitEmma Colgate Thurrock councillor. Contested Basildon 2005.
3. portraitStephen McCole Educated at Enfield Grammar School.
4. portraitDavid Fleming Former Cynon Borough councillor.
5. portraitDavid Lucas Educated at Chadacre Agricultural College. Runs a farming and engineering business
6. portraitMark Fuller Born Barnet. Educated at Middlesex University. Former lecturer.
7. portraitSeamus Dunne Three Rivers councillor.

English Democrat

1. portraitRobin Tilbrook Solicitor. Founder and chairman of the English Democrats.
2. Charles Vickers 3. John Cooper
4. Raymond Brown 5. Adrian Key
6. Nicholas Capp 7. Patrick Harris

UK First

1. portraitRobin Page Born 1943, Barton. Educated at Cambridgeshire High School. Farmer, journalist and former presenter of One Man and His Dog. South Cambridgeshire District Councillor as an Independent 1972-2006. Contested Bethnal Green and Bow 1979 as a Conservative, South Cambridgeshire 1997 for the Referendum Party, Winchester by-election 1997, South Cambridgeshire 2005 for UKIP.
2. portraitPeter Cole Office manager.
3. portraitBruce Lawson Chartered accountant and tax advisor. Contested Wrekin 2005 for UKIP.
4. portraitJohn West Born 1967, Edmonton. Works for Suffolk Council Library service..
5. portraitLen Baynes

Jury Team

1. portraitAndrew Armes Self employed consultant.
2. portraitIan Tyes Solicitor, formerly ran a computer networking business.
3. portraitStephen Garton Head of sales for a housebuilding company.
4. portraitJules Sherrington Born 1953, London. Inventor and administrator in an alternative therapy business.
5. portraitAndrew Parker Educated at UEA. Corporate communications producer.
6. portraitMichael Yates Born Wales. Self employed IT provider.

Socialist Labour

1. portraitJames Dry Contested Hertsmere 2001, 2005.
2. Patricia Bowen 3. Paul Hardman
4. Martha Page-Harries 5. Jacob Bowen
6. Miriam Scale 7. Andrew Jordan

Christian Party

1. portraitJeremy Tyrrell
2. Kim Christofi 3. John Jackson
4. Grace Oghenegare 5. Albert Usikaro
6. Douglas Suckling 7. Sally Craig


1. portraitAndrew Jamieson Born Thornham. Investment banker and farmer.
2. Peter Mason 3. John Dowdale
4. Carol de Chair 5. Henry Burton
6. John Harmer 7. Peter Robbins


1. portraitBrian Denny Editor of the RMT journal.
2. Frank Jepson 3. Steve Glennon
4. Phil Katz 5. Eleanor Donne
6. Pete Relph 7. Ron Rodwell

Animals Count

1. portraitJasmijn de Boo Educated at Scholengemeenschap Godelinde, Naarden, Van Hall Institute, Leeuwarden, and Edinburgh University, Scotland. Programme Advisor (Causal Research) at the Brooke Hospital for Animals, London. Leader of Animals Count party. Contested Lambeth and Southwark 2008 London elections.
2. portraitAlexander Bourke Author
3. portraitRichard Deboo

There is also one independent candidate:

portraitPeter Rigby. Contested Hitchen and Harpenden 2001 as Independent.

NB - The constituency guide is now archived and is no longer being updated. It will be replaced by a new guide in 2013, once the fate of the boundary review is finally settled.