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East Midlands Euros

The East Midlands European region covers Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Rutland and post-1974 Lincolnshire. In 2004 it elected 6 MEPs using the d’Hondt method, but under the Treaty of Nice it will lose a seat at the next election, returning only 5 MEPs. This means the Liberal Democrats notionally lose a seat in this region, though they would regain it on the smallest of swings from any of the other parties.

In 2004 the region returned 2 Conservatives, 2 UKIP, 1 Labour and 1 Liberal Democrat. It was contested by the former television presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk, with the result that UKIP were almost able to top the poll and gained seats from Labour and the Conservatives. Kilroy-Silk subsequently left UKIP to found his own short-lived Veritas party and now sits as an Independent. It is unclear whether he will contest the seat at the next European elections.

Sitting MEPs and 2004 Results

1. portrait Roger Helmer (Conservative) 371,362 (26.4%)
2. portrait Robert Kilroy-Silk (Independent) 366,498 (26.1%) (Originally elected as UKIP)
3. portrait Glenis Wilmot (Labour) 294,198 (21.0%) (Replaced Philip Whitehead in 2005)
4. portrait Chris Heaton-Harris (Conservative) (185,681) (Will stand down at next election)
5. portrait Derek Clark (UKIP) (183,249)
6. Bill Newton Dunn (Lib Dem) 181,964 (12.9%)
-. BNP 91,860 (6.5%)
-. Green 76,633 (5.5%)
-. Respect 20,009 (1.4%)
-. Russell Rogers (Independent) 2,615 (0.2%)
-. S. Halliday (Independent) 847 (0.1%)

2009 Candidates


1. portraitGlenis Willmott. Sitting MEP. Born 1951, County Durham. Former medical scientist, assistant to Alan Meale and trade union officer. Nottinghamshire county councillor 1989-1993. MEP for the East Midlands since 2006, suceeding upon the death of Phillip Whitehead.
2. portraitRoy Kennedy. Former director of Finance for the Labour party.
3. portraitKathryn Salt. Former Amber Valley councillor. Awarded the MBE for charity work.
4. portraitJ David Morgan. Born 1960, Keresley. Educated at Sheffield University. Law tutor. Former Northamptonshire county councillor. Contested Blaby 2001, 2005.
5. portraitCate Taylor. Educated at Oxford University. Solicitor.


1. portraitRoger Helmer. Sitting MEP. Born 1944, London. Educated at King Edward VI Grammar School, Southampton and Cambridge University. Businessman. MEP for the East Midlands since 1999. An outspoken right-winger, opponent of British membership of the EU and sceptic of climate change, he had the party whip suspended in 2005 for voting against party lines, it was restored in 2006 though he remains outside the EPP-ED group.
2. portraitEmma McClarkin. Born Stroud. Educated at Stroud Girls High School and Bournemouth University. Government relations executive for the Rugby Football Union.
3. portraitRupert Matthews. Born 1961. Freelance author and historian. Contested Bootle 1997.
4. portraitFiona Bulmer. Born 1967. Educated at Samual Whitbread Upper School and Bristol University. Corporate communications consultant. Barnet councillor. Contested Normanton 1997.
5. portraitGeorge Lee. Former Rossendale councillor. Contested Rossendale and Darwen 2001, Leeds North West 2005

Liberal Democrat

1. portraitBill Newton Dunn. Born 1941, Hampshire. Educated at Marlborough College and the Sorbonne. Conservative MEP for Lincolnshire 1979-1994. Conservative MEP for East Midlands from 1999, he defected to the Liberal Democrats in 1999.
2. portraitEd Maxfield. Born 1967, Owersby. Educated at De Aston School and East Anglia University. Former business consultant, now working for a disability rights charity.
3. portraitDenise Hawksworth. Born Liverpool. Office manager for Paul Holmes MP. Chesterfield councillor since 2003. Contested Bolsover 2005. Will contest Bolsover at the next election.
4. portraitDeborah Newton-Cook. Assistant to Diana Wallis MEP. Contested East Midlands 2004 European election, Derbyshire South 2005.
5. portraitDavid Perkins. Northampton councillor.


1. portraitDerek Clark. Sitting MEP. Born 1933, Bristol. Retired teacher. Contested Northampton South 2001, 2005. First elected as MEP for the East Midlands in 2004.
2. portraitChristopher Pain. Contested Louth & Horncastle 2005. Will contest Boston and Skegness at next election.
3. portraitStephen Allison. born 1960, Hartlepool. Educated at Hartlepool Grammar and London University. Management consultant. Independent Hartlepool councillor from 2002, joined UKIP 2004. Contested Hartlepool by-election 2004.
4. portraitDeva Kumarasiri. Born Sri Lanka. Postmaster, transferred from a Nottingham Post Office in 2009 after refusing to serve customers who didn’t speak English.
5. portraitIrenea Marriot. Spiritualist who claimed in 2005 she had recieved “communication for higher realms” that Blair would not win the election. Contested Nottingham North 2005.


1. portraitSue Mallender. Teacher. Rushcliffe councillor since 2003. Contested East Midlands 1999, 2004 European Elections.
2. portraitRichard Mallender. Rushcliffe councillor since 2007, former Brighton councillor.
3. portraitAshley Baxter. Director the Energy Saving Trust advice centre. Contested Rushcliffe 2001, Nottingham East 2005.
4. portraitMatthew Follett. Contested Leicester South 2005.
5. portraitBarney Smith. Educated at Sibford School and Liverpool University. Town planner. Contested Birmingham Selly Oak 2005, 2001.


1. portraitRobert West.Former lecturer who has set up his own church in Holbeach. Former South Holland District councillor, elected as a Conservative but defected to the BNP in 2006.
2. portraitCathy Duffy.Born 1958, Malaysia. Charnwood councillor.
3. portraitPeter Jarvis.Born Leicester. Educated at London University. Former teacher, now working in industry
4. portraitLewis Allsebrook.Amber Valley councillor.
5. portraitKevan Stafford.Educated at De Montford University. Retired architect.


1. portraitJohn McEwan Lindsey oil refinery worker and shop steward
2. portraitAvtar Sadiq Vice-President of the Indian Workers’ Association (GB)
3. portraitJean Thorpe Member of UNISON executive
4. portraitShang Gahonia
5. portraitLaurence Platt UNITE branch secretary

Socialist Labour

1. portraitDavid Roberts Community centre manager. Contested Leicester South 1983 for the Workers Party, Leicester West 1997, Leicester South 2001, Leicester South by-election 2004 for the Socialist Labour Party.
2. portraitPaul Liversuch Former miner and NUM official. Contested Derbyshire South 2001
3. portraitShaun Kirkpatrick Contested Leicester West 2001.
4. portraitMichael Clifford
5. portraitThea Roberts


1. portraitRichard Elvin Born Lincolnshire. Educated at Newcastle University. Tour operator and former teacher.
2. portraitMargot Parker Consultant on European directives and regulations.
3. portraitPeter Chaplin Runs an engineering machine manufacturing company.
4. portraitJames Daniels.
5. portraitWilliam Winter.

UK First

1. portraitIan Gillman Born 1952. Educated at Central London Polytechnic. Photographer. Contested Corby 1997, 2001, 2005 for UKIP.
2. portraitChristopher Elliot
3. portraitNadine Platt
4. portraitDavid Noakes Computer consultant. Contested Truro and St Austell in 2005 for UKIP. Unsuccessfully contested UKIP leadership in 2006.
5. portraitMariann French

Christian Party

1. portraitSuzanne Nti. Church pastor.
2. Tom Rogers 3. Tim Webb
4. Colin Bricher 5. Doreen Scrimshaw

English Democrat

1. portraitDerek Hilling.
2. Tony Ellis 3. Diane Bilgrami
4. David Ball 5. Anthony Edwards

Jury Team

1. portraitJames Lowey Educated at Gedling School. Works in a cafe.
2. portraitSimon Flude Businessman
3. portraitJames Parker Caseworker assistant for a human right charity.
4. portraitHenry Blanchard Physics student at Nottingham University.
5. portraitPerry Wilsher Born 1958, Nottingham. Educated at William Sharp Comprehensive. Founded a business selling anti-graffitti paint, sold last year.

NB - The constituency guide is now archived and is no longer being updated. It will be replaced by a new guide in 2013, once the fate of the boundary review is finally settled.