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  1. PS – of course a further complication is in those seats that also have Council elections on the same day. The Council ballot papers have to be separated out and validated before the GE count can begin.

  2. Will – night shift workers are people who regularly work nights and have adjusted their sleep patterns accordingly. My understanding, as mentioned by Mike Smith – was that the people doing the count, and the representatives of the parties present etc, were not normally night workers.

    Regarding the London stock market – maybe – but there are other stock markets which due to different time zones are open during our night-time when the count is happening, so I am not convinced by your argument.

    If it was arranged so that the count was done during the day, then yes, a Thursday poll would not be convenient and it would be best to hold the voting on Monday to Wednesdays only. I think this is worth looking into further.

    It seems yet another example of modern life being over-pressurised in unnecessary ways. Add on all the people who stay up most of the night to see the results come in, then go to work on far too little sleep and I think there is a definite economic downside.

  3. “Postal voting is the problem with over 20% of voters having a postal vote. What amazes me is that people get a postal vote because they, supposedly, would find it difficult to get to the polling station.
    Yet, they are entitled to deliver their ballot papers to the polling station right up to the close of poll.
    The solution seems simple to me. Put a deadline on receipt of postal votes at the polling station – say 5pm. They could then be validated before the close of poll and the count start as soon as the ballot boxes reach the venue of the count.”

    This sounds an excellent idea. I’m all for people being allowed to take postal ballots to the polling station, as voters may distrust the post and prefer to ask a friend or relative to take the ballot in person, but giving until 5pm or so would allow this without delaying the count.

  4. The postal vote system should only have been allowed for vulnerable and elderly people and those with long term disabilities not everyone and the date of birth and signature and a password should also have been used in place as a check to check out bona fida voters to ghost voters.

    I would hope that in Tower Hamlets if the result is close that the ballot papers will be looked at strongly

    I would hate to see labour win the election based on fraud as I don’t think the polls lie. I am expecting a hung parliament .

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  6. Anthony Wells, Would you be covering the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Northern Ireland Assembly elections next year?

  7. Anthony its probably time to update the map on the NI region.

  8. “Anthony Wells, Would you be covering the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Northern Ireland Assembly elections next year?”

    Yep with 2007 notional results for the new 2011 boundaries!

  9. Good news, do you know when that will be ready?

    Most parties have already selecting their candidates now. I know Plaid Cymru will be finished by the end of the month for example.

    With all the news going on now like Ron Davies apparently standing in Caerphilly for Plaid this is big news!

  10. Those people who don’t know the new SP constituenty names and shapes will be quite surprised I think πŸ˜‰ Good to keep the forum talking…..

  11. Funny how this page comes up when you log on to the “guide” section of UKPR. Means you see it all the time for no particular reason.

  12. Any news of when the new pages for next eyars elections are going to be ready?
    Most parties have practically finished selecting their candidates by now.

  13. New ITV Wales/ Yougov Welsh poll
    Headline figures
    Labour-39%, Plaid Cymru-23%, Conservative-22%, Lib Dem-10% (Lowest ever poll rating for Welsh Assembly election), Others-6%

  14. Central Ward is in East Worthing, as are Broadwater, Gaisford, Offington, and Selden.

    However, Central Ward is in the Worthing West constituency while the others are in Worthing East & Shoreham.

  15. The SNP have issued a press release detailing 72 of the 73 Constituency candidates for next year:

    Shetland is the one missed out – no surprise, I seem to recall them selecting (or perhaps having selected for them?) their candidate about six weeks before polling day in 2007. Also the regional candidates are here:

    The Tories have their constituency candidates kept here:

    And the SSCUP are publicising theirs as well:

    Ah, the sweet sound of momentum gathering… πŸ™‚

  16. Welsh Yougov poll results, Octocber 2010
    Constituency Voting Intention
    Oct (Sep) Change
    Lab 44% (44%) –
    PC 21% (19%) +2%
    Con 19% (22%) -3%
    Lib Dem 9% (11%) -2%
    Oth 8% (5%) +3%

    List voting Intention
    Lab 40% (41%) -1%
    PC 23% (19%) +4%
    Con 18% (20%) -2%
    Lib Dem 9% (12%) -3%
    Oth 11% (8%) +3%

    Yes 52% (49%) +3%
    No 29% (30%) -1%
    DK 20% (20%) –

  17. Yougov poll for ITV Wales released today.
    (previous figures above)
    Constituency voting intention
    Labour 44%
    Plaid 21%
    Tory 21%
    Lib Dem 9%
    Other 6%

    Regional List voting intention
    Labour 41%
    Plaid 20%
    Tory 20%
    Lib Dem 9%
    Ukip 4%

    Yes 48%
    No 30%
    DK 22%

  18. Thanks Matt – really interesting to see the polls together on a thread like this.

  19. Scottish Ipsos Mori poll

    Const. list
    Lab 41% 36%
    SNP 31% 32%
    Con 13% 12%
    LD 11% 9%
    Others 5% 10%

  20. If you use the projector of Scotland Votes –

    Labour would gain Edinburgh Pentlands, Ayr, Eastwood, Dumfriesshire from Con and Edinburgh Central and Edinburgh South from the LDs.

    Tories would hold Galloway & West Dumfries and Roxburgh & Berwickshire

    The SNP would lose every seat in Central Scotland to Labour but gain Aberdeen South, Skye and Caithness from the LDs.

    LD’s would hold Edinburgh West (not certain given the 2007 election result) and Labour would retake the Western Isles, not sure about this either.

  21. Any news on when Anthony is putting up constituency profiles for the devolved elections? Would make it easier to talk about specific seats/regions

  22. Yep – the answer is I’ve abandoned plans to do it. I can’t offer any added value anyway – Scottish and Welsh politics are very much a closed book to me.

    Any time I’ve got is devoted to doing the groundwork for calculating notional figures for the new Westminster constituencies.

  23. Thanks for the update Anthony. This site must take a lot of work to keep going!

  24. YouGov/ ITV Wales Poll

    Constituency poll
    Lab 44%
    PC 21%
    Con 23%
    Lib 6%
    Other 6%

    Regional poll
    Lab 42%
    PC 21%
    Con 22%
    Lib 5%
    UKIP 5%

    Welsh referendum on March 3rd on the Assemblys powers
    Yes: 46% (-2)
    No 25% (-5)
    Don’t know / won’t vote 29% (+7)
    (+Change since last months poll)

  25. Does anybody know when the boundary commission are to publish details of the new constituency boundaries as I understand that they are being rushed through.

  26. Joseph – assuming the Bill finally gets through the Lords at some point, the review will start in February. Provisional recommendations will be published in September 2011. Public consultation will continue until January 2012, final recommendations will presumably be published at some point in mid-2012.

  27. Why no Holyrood polls? The Scottish voting intention part of this site hasn’t been updated since last summer

  28. I’m disappointed that yougov does not produce regular polls like they do for Scotland.

  29. meant ‘like they do for wales’

  30. To be fair ITV Wales pay for those polls.
    STV or some Scottish paper would have to pay for there to be regular Scottish polls.

  31. Two new polls out today by Yougov and rmg Clarity on tommorows referedum on powers for the Welsh Assembly

    Headline figures are (For those going to vote and removing dont knows)
    Yougov/ ITV Wales- Yes:69% No:31%
    rmg Clarity/ Western Mail (Trinity Mirror)- Yes:67% No:33%

    Bodes well for the Yes campaign, Yougov poll also showing far higher than expected turnout at 54%. When most political commentators think it will be in the lows 30s

  32. Hmmm, the ‘yes’ vote is interesting with only Monmouthshire voting ‘no’…I fear higher taxes, which has already happened with 2.99% council tax hikes, whilst in England there is a freeze.

  33. In economic terms Wales has fallen even further behind the rest of the UK since 1997 despite the fact that supporters of the Assembly said the opposite would happen.

  34. Apparently that is the case, although I don’t have the figures.

    Wales did have quite a good record attracting inward investement during the last Tory government, and I’d have expected that to continue into the Labour years up to a point, as there is an inbuilt momentum.

    I’m sure parts of Wales are a great deal better off than they were, even if growth is lower than elsewhere.

    But health outcomes are generally poorer,
    and this does show an obsession with inputs, not outputs and value for money.

  35. Does anyone know why the AV referendum results are going to be counted on a European regional basis instead of at local authority level?

    Do we know if we are going to get local authority figures as well for the referendum like we do at EU elections? Or are we just going to get the regional aggregates?

    If we do get local authority information, I will be very interested to see where people have voted ‘yes’ to AV.

  36. My understanding is that they would be done by local authority area for England and by (devolved) parliamentary constituencies for Scotland and Wales

  37. The Press Association’s advisory on the referendum would seem to agree with Pete’s understanding:

  38. Oh good. You have put my mind at rest. I’ll look forward to those local authority level details then. Should be quite an interesting set of results.

  39. According to the BBC and wikipedia, the results will be counted and displayed on the European regional basis. Yet another example of how ‘Europeanization’ has affected UK electoral law.,_2011#National_result

  40. Yes, I’ve seen that Joseph. So what’s going on? Nobody seems to have aclue what to do when the AV referendum comes to be counted on Friday afternoon!

    It seems Stoke City council is counting the local AV results in my area, so maybe they are passing the result onto a regional centre for a regional result later on?

    But we should still get a local authority result too, like in the EU elections???

  41. Yes, but it appears they won’t release the local authority results before the full national result is announced πŸ™

  42. This is utterly ridiculous. I thought the EU regionalisation would at least be kept in check by the Tory government not left to run rampant!

    Its particularly stupid given that local authorities will HAVE their results before the regional or national results are known!

    I don’t often swear but it really does take the…

  43. Having checked on wikipedia it now says that the overall count in the Euro regions BUT local authority figures will be available underneath when the results come in.

  44. I wonder why the Say NOtoAV campaign is presumably paying for adverts on the pages of this site?

  45. Maps of the 1885 constituency boundaries.

  46. The electoral statistics, broken down into wards for the 2013 Review of Parliamentary constituency boundaries is available here:-

    Quote from this page:-
    ”The spreadsheet has the number of Parliamentary electors in each ward in each district in England for 1 December 2010 (the 2011 electorate figures). ”
    They are for England, and spread over 7 xls spreadsheets for the Regions of England. I am not sure how long this page has been around, the source code indicates @ 2012-05-21 19:58:28 but this could be a daily page refresh date.


  47. I wish somebody would tell Skinner that the class war ended on March 3rd 1985.

  48. No Adam. One round of it ended then.

  49. Wonderful to hear the genuine voice of Labour starting to be heard again, Barnaby.

    For too long, they’ve been able to hide behind this fuzzy, Tory-lite, compassionate but also competant image that was built up in the early 1990s.

    Good to see the old, horrible, green eyed monster politics back. We Tories used to win big in those days πŸ™‚

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