The UKPollingReport election guide for 2010 has now been archived and all comments will shortly be closed. The new Election Guide for the 2015 election is now online at The old site is archived at the UK Web Archive.

The Ordnance Survey election maps page has now been updated to show the new constituency boundaries in addition to the current ones (or indeed, both on top of each other if you’d like to compare!). Ed Balls has also formally found a berth for the next election, having been selected for the new Morley & Outwood seat in place of the retiring Colin Challen.

I’m having to start moderating comments on seats more and more. The purpose of comments on the site is too allow people to add information and insight to their local seats, or other seats they might have knowledge of. It isn’t a place for partisan arguments, it certainly isn’t a place for campaigning or blindly talking up your candidate’s chances. On the overwhelming majority of pages people are commenting in the correct spirit – only a few seats have descended into party political bickering (bizarrely enough, nearly always Conservative vs Lib Dem marginals) – and the majority of regular commenters have understood the spirit in which the site is intended. There are a few out there making partisan comments under multiple identities…and I’m keeping an eye on you…

At some point prior to the election manual moderation will become an impossible chore and I’ll have to make people register in order to comment to prevent the site descending into a bear pit. I’d like to delay that point for as long as possible 🙂