An update on the Lord Ashcroft constituency polling from last week. Looking at the tables for Doncaster North – Ed Miliband’s seat – the weighting appears to be seriously askew, weighted as if the seat had a Conservative majority at the previous election. I’ve spoken to Ashcroft’s office and it appears to be a human error – typing the wrong weighting target in the wrong box (it’s something I’ve done myself in the past, though thankfully I’ve not done it and published the results!).

Lord Ashcroft’s team are reweighting and republishing the results, but obviously they are likely to make a significant difference to the findings, probably knocking down the reported level of Conservative and UKIP support and bumping up Labour. I’ll update when the new figures are out.

UPDATE: The corrected version of Lord Ashcroft’s polling is now up on his site here – topline figures in Doncaster North are now CON 13%, LAB 54%, LDEM 4%, UKIP 25%. UKIP are still in second place, but they are now a far larger twenty-nine points behind Labour (and given some of the reaction to the earlier poll it’s worth noting that Labour are even well ahead of the Tory and UKIP vote combined). There is no risk to Ed Miliband here.