YouGov’s regular voting intention poll for the Times has topline figures of CON 41%(+1), LAB 42%(+1), LDEM 7%(-2). Fieldwork was Tuesday to Wednesday and changs are from early January.

The regular tracking question on “Bregret” finds 45% of respondents saying Britain was right to vote for Brexit, 44% think it was wrong. This is the first time YouGov have found more people saying right than wrong since last August, though I would caution against reading much into that. On average this question has been showing about 2% more people thinking it was the wrong decision than the right decision, but normal sample variation from poll to poll (the “margin of error”) means that with figures that close random chance alone should produce the occassional poll with “right” ahead, even if public opinion is actually unchanged. As ever, don’t get too excited over one poll, and wait to see if it is reflected in other polls.

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  1. I do wonder whether amber rudd being leader of the tory party would help her or hurt her in her marginal constituency.

  2. Evening All.
    NICK P. Hello to you.
    With regard to a Referendum promise you will probably know that Harold Wilson picked up this ‘lifeboat’ from Tony Benn who was trying to cause mischief with his Referendum push at Conference from 1971-1975.
    Jim Callaghan called the Benn ruse a lifeboat, which Labour utilised and this short term fix kept Labour united for the Feb 74 GE; my first GE as a voter when I moved from Croydon to Salford (Eccles).

    Roy Jenkins resigned from Shadow Cabinet in 1972 when Harold promised to hold a Referendum on renegotiated terms. Harold used the slogan ‘Tory Terms’ in the 74 GE campaigns.

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