A quick update on two new voting intention polls yesterday.

Opinium in the Observer has topline figures of CON 39%(-5), LAB 45%(+4), LDEM 5%(-3), UKIP 5%(+3). Changes are since the general election. Jeremy Corbyn’s net approval ratings are now substantially better than Theresa May’s – 31% approve of how May is doing her job, 51% disapprove; 42% approve of how Corbyn is doing his job, 38% disapprove. Full tabs are here.

Survation meanwhile has topline figures of CON 41%(nc), LAB 40%(-4), LDEM 7%(+1), UKIP 2%(nc), the first poll since the general election to show the Conservatives ahead (if the changes since the last poll look odd, it’s because the Tory share is actually up by almost a point, but it’s lost in the rounding, and the share for “other” parties is up three points). Full tabs for that are here.

252 Responses to “Latest Opinium and Survation polls”

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  1. I wonder whether the Tories can continue with austerity beyond Autumn budget. The DUP might not be supportive and some Tories might vote in favour of some opposition amendments.

  2. Rich,
    “Considering everything, and the ludicrous amount of stuff in May’s in tray, i don’t think these two polls are that bad for the Conservatives”

    Don’t things change fast!

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