If you ever take the time to wander over there you’ll notice a major redesign at my constituency guide at www.ukpollingreport.co.uk/guide (or via the little button on my right sidebar). It’s still a work in progress, so some of the menu links aren’t working yet, and some of the static pages like lists of MPs will look a bit clunky till I adjust them. The new template doesn’t like long links in people’s comments either, so if you find a seat-profile that is all jumbled up let me know in the comments here so I can correct it. Before anyone points it out, the little targets at the top of the page go a bit skewiff in Internet Explorer 6. They work nicely in IE7 or Firefox, so in time all will be well!

As well as some nice eye candy like the googlemap showing where each seat is, there are four major new features there:

Firstly, every seat now has up to date demographic information (or at least, “up to date” in terms of being drawn from the 2001 census six years ago), that I#ve tallied up from the census information from each council ward.

Secondly, after many requests for it, there is now a latest comments feature on the sidebar. Use it sensibly, i.e. not to chase around political opponents pursuing an argument across different seats.

Thirdly, again something have asked for in the past, there is a nice new static front page with the latest poll from each of the main pollsters.

The final one is not quite finished yet – I’ll let you know when the finishing touches are done.

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