There is a new poll of British black people in the Voice newspaper, carried out by Johnson Survey Research Inc (who I’ve never heard of, but may be the US company of the same name). According to the survey voting intention amongst British black people is 51% Labour, 3% Conservative, 3% Liberal Democrat. Presumably, unless some minor party is doing quite spectacularly well, don’t knows and won’t votes haven’t been excluded – assuming a few percent support toher parties this means Labour have the support of somewhere around 85% of black voters. Despite this apparent hegemony, 68% of respondents though that Labour took their support for granted.

The poll seems pretty much as expected. I have no idea if it is the first poll of British blacks in twenty years, but MORI did a poll of ethnic minority groups in September 2006 that found a similar level of monolithic Labour support amongst the black community in the UK. Amongst those who said how they had voted in 2005 Afro-Carribean respondents had a split of CON 3%, LAB 87%, LDEM 9%, Other 2%.

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