MORI’s political monitor for May is out. The topline figures with changes from last month are CON 37%(-1), LAB 35%(+4), LDEM 18%(-2). The fieldwork for the poll was actually conducted prior to the recent YouGov and Communicate Research polls, but the trend matches that of the other polls since Tony Blair’s announcement of his retirement – a boost for Labour, slightly more at the expense of the Liberal Democrats than the Tories.

UPDATE: A late entrant for the “Atrocious press coverage of opinion polls” award! The Daily Express reports the poll as showing the Tories slumping from “42% to 37% since last month” (that’ll be down one point from 38% last month) “after a fortnight of Conservative feuding over grammar schools” (that’ll be in a poll entirely conducted within a week of David Willett’s original speech).

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