Just to follow up on the voting intention polls yesterday, there was also a new YouGov poll in this morning’s Times. Topline figures were CON 44%, LAB 23%, LDEM 12%, UKIP 10%. The twenty-one point lead is the same as the weekend’s ComRes poll and the largest YouGov have given the Tories in government (it also equals the highest the Lib Dems have hit since the election).

Full tabs are here.

104 Responses to “YouGov/Times: CON 44, LAB 23, LDEM 12, UKIP 10”

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  1. Fraham
    “The membership will then wish to move in another direction…”

    Will they? The impression I get is that Labour membership has grown by attracting ideologically-pure socialists. Their ultimate aim might be government, but it doesn’t seem to be an immediate priority.

    That is, unless they are deluding themselves that once a true socialist manifesto is unveiled the electorate will flock to it. I suppose many of them are too young to remember 1983.

  2. Graham,
    I saw Dianne Abbott on ‘This week’ before Corbyn won, when the others were ridiculing his chances and she said she was not so sure….

    Corbyn has consistently sounded keen for an election. What his motives are, I couldn’t say, but I could imagine it would present the party with a choice of either a manifesto to his likings, or walking into the election with the party at war. Sounds like he would have carte blanche to put forward his manifesto. If he didn’t, his faction would continue the war arguing justifiably their ideas had never been tried.

    The party has to support him or split. Either one might sound good for Corbynistas.

    For what its worth, I think anything other than a brexit sceptic or remain labour policy will lose them the election.

  3. Or like how the Lib Dems jamp so much in 2010, in polling,

  4. Or the way how UK elections are now so presidential well US elections as of being presidential can see swings of 30 pts and back in campaigns,

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