YouGov/Telegraph – 49% of respondents think that a mixture of grammar schools and secondary moderns is most likely to produce the best education for the most people, 40% think either a fully comprehensive or mix of comprehensive and city academies would be best.
YouGov/Economist – usual picture of perceptions of Brown and Cameron. Brown is seen as more competent and more trusted in a crisis; Cameron as more honest (or more accurately less dishonest!) and more likely to understand people’s problems.
Populus/Times – 45% of people think the Lib Dems would do better if they dumped Sir Menzies Campbell, including 54% of Lib Dem supporters. Normally questions like this produce quite a partisan response with supporters of opposing parties giving hostile answers, but in this case it was Lib Dem supporters who were most negative about Campbell!
Populus/BBC – overwhelming (81%) support for the public smoking ban, although the question asked about enclosed public places and work spaces, it didn’t specifically refer to pubs and restaurants. There was also 62%
support for a ban on smoking while driving and 91% support for a ban on smoking near children.
Finally, in the world of dodgy analysis and reporting of polls, the BBC relays claims from the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education that their survey shows that the number of adults taking part in education has fallen by 500,000 last year. It’s based on the proportion of adults saying they were participating in education falling from 42% last year to 41% this year – the sample size was 5,000 people, so the change isn’t actually statistically significant. They’d have been better off focusing on a significant drop in the number of part time workers in education.

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