Populus’s May poll for the Times shows a similar pattern to YouGov’s poll last week – Labour have received a boost from the positive publicity following Tony Blair’s resignation, up four points on last month (and as with YouGov, this gives them their highest level of support since the boost after Tony Blair’s final conference speech as leader). The topline figures with changes from last month CON 37%(nc), LAB 33%(+4), LDEM 17%(-3).

As with YouGov though, the hypothetical question of how people will vote with Brown as leader is largely unchanged – the Conservatives under David Cameron retain a ten point lead over Labour under Brown. As I regualrly say, these questions aren’t really comparable to normaly voting intention questions since they have to include the names of all of the leaders, and some of the difference is the effect of naming Cameron in question rather than an anti-Brown effect. Still, the narrowing the Conservative lead in the standard question while the hypothetical question remains largely static does suggest that this is a “Blair boost”, not a Brown one.

Meanwhile the poll showed the usual public perceptions of Brown and Cameron. Brown was seen as stronger than Cameron by 34% to 19%, but Cameron outpolled him on the ‘fluffier’ measures – on charisma (28% to 9%), likeability (30% to 13%) and being in touch with modern Britain (31% to 15%).

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