A new YouGov poll in Scotland carried out for the ESRC between the 17th and 23rd April has voting intentions in the constituency vote of CON 15%, LAB 30%, LDEM 12%, SNP 38%. In the regional vote support stands at CON 14%, LAB 27%, LDEM 12%, SNP 32% (and, presumably, others on a total of 15%). A seat projection based on these figures has the SNP with 47, Labour on 40, Conservatives on 18, Lib Dems on 18 with 5 Greens and one SSP.

The poll has a sample size of 1,800, so larger than previous surveys, but it was also carried out prior to the last YouGov Scottish poll for the Telegraph, so is less up to date.

A separate poll of Labour party members reported in the Sunday Times asked respondents about their voting intention in possible Labour leadership contests. In a contest between Brown, Michael Meacher, John McDonnell (presumably the poll was formulated before Michael Meacher claimed that one of the two left-wing candidates would stand down in favour of the other) and Charles Clarke, 80% of those expressing a preference said they would back Brown, with McDonnell on 9%, Meacher on 6% and Clarke on just 5%. The Sunday Times report suggests that a similar question showed Brown also crushing John Reid, but doesn’t give any figures. In the Deputy leadership race Hilary Benn remains in the lead amongst party members, with the support of 36% of those expressing a preference, followed by Alan Johnson on 19%, Peter Hain on 15%, Harriet Harman on 13%, Jon Cruddas on 10% and Hazel Blears on 9%.

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