EU Polling update

I’ve taken the last week off following the 5th May elections, and so have most of the polls. There have, however, been two new EU polls published over the last week, so just to keep everyone up to speed their topline figures were:

YouGov/Good Morning Britain – Remain 42%, Leave 40%, Don’t know/won’t vote 19% (tabs)
ICM – Remain 44%, Leave 46%, Don’t know 11% (tabs)

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  1. @Alun

    Lol, I didn’t expect much of a reply. That was rather the point.

    Still, I don’t like to ignore peeps points, so regarding the last point you made, implying that Better Together break promises: I would be amazed if they didn’t.

    That was rather my point, that it’s not necessarily a great idea to just focus on the rubbish spoken by just one side.

  2. Apparently the speech by J Corbyn was 40 seconds longer than the Sergeant Pepper Album

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