There are two new polls on the EU referendum today. While the YouGov and ComRes polls conducted after the draft renegotiation showed a sharp movement towards LEAVE, these two paint a far steadier picture (though given one is online and one was conducted by phone, their overall figures contrast with each other!). ICM’s last poll had shown LEAVE nudging ahead, today’s new online figures are back to REMAIN 43%, LEAVE 39% (tabs here). Ipsos MORI’s latest telephone figures are REMAIN 54%, LEAVE 36% – virtually unchanged from their previous poll (tabs here).

MORI also released their monthly voting intention figures, which stand at CON 39%, LAB 33%, LDEM 6%, UKIP 12%, GRN 3%

353 Responses to “Latest MORI and ICM referendum polling”

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  1. @Thoughtful

    – “If the vote is for Leave, Cameron will resign ”

    Why will he? The vote is not binding in any way. If the result is marginal it is highly unlikely he will do anything at all. He is after all one of the laziest Prime Ministers since the last Old Etonian!

    All the indications are he will simply return to Brussels for another renegotiation.

    In the event of a Leave vote the PM will be leading withdrawal negotiations. I can’t see there being anything other than total civil war within the Conservative party should Cameron try to hang on, and doubly so should he try to claim it as a mandate for further renegotiations

  2. @Neil A

    “Short of that, you’d be looking at something like taking paint samples, carrying out spectroscopy and then trying to eliminate potentially tens of thousands of vehicles.

    Even in the Days of Plenty, no police force would have done all of that, unless someone had been killed or seriously injured.”


    Yes, you still seem to be thinking rather small. Was envisaging cordoning off the area, taking fingerprints, swabs, forensic photography… Door-to-door enquiries, statements, lie detectors… Whatever it takes to stop this epidemic of bashing into my partner’s car…

    You have to nip these things in the bud…

  3. @catman

    Well you’d need a rear cam too, and having smashed the rear window they could prolly have just reached in and grabbed the cam. You’d need the data stored some place else. (And if it was open source it’d take forever trying to get drivers for it…)

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