YouGov’s monthly poll for the Telegraph shows a pretty much static position across the board. Headline voting intentions with changes from YouGov’s most recent poll are CON 37% (nc), LAB 32% (nc), LDEM 17% (-1). The poll was conducted between February the 19th and 21st.

In the forced choice question between a Conservative government led by David Cameron and a Labour government led by Gordon Brown, the Conservative lead is up to 9 points from 6 points last month – but looking back this figure tends to bounce about a bit anyway and the change is probably just normal variation.

On best Prime Minister David Cameron now leads Tony Blair by 4 points (28% to 24%) and Gordon Brown by 5 points (29% to 24%) in both cases this is the largest lead Cameron has achived in a YouGov poll, though the runaway winner in best PM polls remains “none of the above”.

Finally YouGov asked about gun crime. 33% of people agreed with a statement that the shooting was a specific problem to do with gun culture and that young people were not generally worse than they used to be. 57% of people thought that the shootings reflected a wider malaise in society and a decline in responsibility.

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