Populus conducted a snap poll of 522 on Tuesday in response to the revelations over the weekend that David Cameron admitted using cannabis while at school.

81% of people said it didn’t matter that Cameron had taken cannabis at university and there was even higher support for Cameron’s contention that MPs shouldn’t be expected to answer such questions: 85% said that Cameron should not be expected “to answer detailed questions about whether he tried drugs in his youth because all politicians are entitled to have made mistakes when they were growing up”.

However, there are limits to the tolerance. David Cameron has previously only stated that he has not taken drugs since becoming an MP, leaving a gap between his student life and his entry into politics – 71% of people told Populus that “it would matter if it turned out that he had done so as an adult, after he started work”. Equally, while people don’t seem to mind about cannabis, 64% of people said it would matter to them if Cameron had experimented with more serious drugs at university.

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