A YouGov poll in today’s Sunday Times has the parties largely static – the topline voting intentions with changes from the last YouGov poll in the Telegraph are CON 37% (-1), LAB 32% (+1), LDEM 18% (nc). The poll was conducted between the 8th and 9th February.

On loans-for-peerages, 56% of people believe that Tony Blair has given peerages in exhanges for loans and donations to party funds, including 27% of current Labour voters. However, 53% of people think that the Conservatives did the same sort of thing when they were in power. While 53% of people think that Tony Blair should resign immediately if charges are brought against any of his aides, 55% of people say it is time for him to go anyway.

70% of people say they are concerned about loans or donations buying peerages – something that the Sunday Times interprets as meaning it isn’t just a Westminster village story. I wouldn’t be so sure, that 70% was made up of 45% of people saying it worried them, “but there were more important issues” with only 25% saying it worried them a great deal. Plus, there is the nature of the question – if asked directly people will say that issues concern or worry them, since it costs nothing to tell a pollster that the issue concerns you. It doesn’t necessary mean those things genuinely concern voters when put alongside bread and butter issues like health and education.

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