Gay Adoption

An ICM poll for Friday’s Newsnight showed the majority of people supported gay couples being allowed to adoption children. 64% of people said they thought gay couples should be allowed to adopt, 32% said they shouldn’t.

ICM also asked specifically about male homosexual couples and lesbian couples – 55% of respondents thought that male couples should be able to adopt, 59% of people thought that lesbian couples should be able to adopt (which do appear somewhat strange figures on the surface, perhaps the 64% of people supporting gay adoption thought that homosexual couples should be able to adopt, but not those gays or lesbians! Most of it is probably simply people thinking that only gay couples of one gender should be able to adopt, though there are also small proportions of people in any poll who give logically inconsistent answers).

This doesn’t, however, mean that people are necessary opposed to an exemption for adoption agencies run by the Catholic church. A YouGov poll for the Telegraph on Friday found that support and opposition to an exemption were almost exactly balanced – 42% were in favour of an exemption, 43% were opposed. Clearly there are plenty of people out there who support gay adoption in principle but don’t think that religious organisations should be forced to take part.

YouGov also asked how important an issue respondents considered it to be – 47% of respondents thought it was an important issue of principle that they felt strongly about. Amongst those people, 54% of people thought there should be an exemption, 41% of people did not.

UPDATE: There was also a Populus poll on the subject for the Daily Politics – full results here.

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