27th January is Holocaust memorial day, and YouGov have conducted a poll for the Jewish Chronicle.

YouGov’s poll found that 60% of people supported the annual commemoration of the Holocaust, though there was some sympathy for the Muslim Council of Britain’s regular suggestion that it be replaced by a ‘Genocide Day’ day and widened to include the commemoration of all victims of genocide – 31% of people supported this as opposed to 35% who thought it was right that the event focused upon Nazi persection.

YouGov then asked about Holocaust denial. As one would hope, the overwhelming majority of people – 79% – think that the Holocaust happened and that around 6 million Jews were murdered. Only 1% of respondents thought that the Holocaust was a myth, while 4% of people thought its scale had been deliberately exaggerated. While a tiny proportion of people can be expected to believe any old rubbish, perhaps more worrying is that 17% of people said they didn’t know.

The breakdown by age was even more worrying – amongst over 50s 86% of people said the Holocaust happened and 6 million Jews were killed. Amongst those under the age of 30 that figure fell to only 64, with 8% thinking that either the Holocaust is untrue or exaggerated and 28% of under 30s saying they didn’t know.

Finally there was vary little support for making Holocaust denial a criminal offence. Only 16% said they would support such a law, with 63% opposed.

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