Sunday Polls

No sooner have I dismissed October’s ICM poll that showed a 10 point Conservative lead as an obvious outlier (and therefore interpreted their Guardian poll this month as a return to the norm), suddenly another poll appears with a lead of the same sort of size. An ICM poll in tomorrow’s News of the World puts voting intention at CON 39%, LAB 30%, LDEM 20%.

UPDATE: The poll also included an unusual best Prime Minister question. The results were Brown 29%, Cameron 25%, Campbell 5%. Unusually though John Reid was alos included in the question, and was chosen by 8% of people. I also missed last night quite how cretinous the News of the World’s reporting was. The headline was “Nightmare for Cam” – yep, the second largest lead for the Conservatives in an ICM poll since 1992 is “a nightmare” :)

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