The second of ICM’s regular voting intention polls for the Scottish Parliament is in today’s Scotsman. The topline voting intention figures with changes from last month are, for the constituency vote, CON 13%(-1), LAB 29% (-1), LDEM 17%(+2), SNP 34%(+2), SSP 3%(-1) and in the regional vote CON 12%(-2), LAB 26%(-), LDEM 19%(+2), SNP 31%(+3), SSP 4%(nc).

The Scotsman projects that this would result in the SNP winning 43 seats (up 16) and Labour 38 (down 12). The Lib Dems would have 25 seats, the Conservatives 14, the Greens 5 and the others 4. As with the YouGov/SNP poll, it would result in a position where Labour and the Liberal Democrats would lose their majority and an SNP/Lib Dem alliance would seem like the most viable governing coalition.

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