Sunday Polls

I’m about to head up to Birmingham, so won’t necessarily be around much for the next few days (not least, when Lord Ashcroft releases his latest marginal poll at 2pm today I’ll be on a train!), but here’s a quick summary of today’s other polls.

ComRes in the Independent on Sunday have topline figures of CON 29%(-3), LAB 35%(+1), LDEM 7%(-1), UKIP 19%(+1). Changes are from their previous online poll a month ago. Tabs are here.

Opinium for the Observer have toplines of CON 32%(+3), LAB 34%(-3), LDEM 7%(nc), UKIP 17%(-2). Changes are from a fortnight ago.

Finally the weekly YouGov poll for the Sunday Times has toplines of CON 31%, LAB 36%, LDEM 6%, UKIP 15%, GRN 6%. While some other pollsters have already shown the Greens in fourth place, this is the first time that YouGov have shown them catching the Liberal Democrats. Tabs are here.

There is no obvious impact in the polls from the Labour party conference – ComRes have their lead up, Opinium down, YouGov not far from their recent average. In YouGov’s survey they asked if Labour’s conference made people more or less positive about Ed Miliband – 13% said more positive, 15% more negative, 54% unchanged.

YouGov also had several questions on Iraq, showing majority support for British airstrikes against ISIS (58% support for attacks in Iraq, 53% for attacks in Syria) but continuing opposition to putting ground troops back into Iraq (26% approve, 53% disapprove). YouGov also asked about whether Britain should co-operate with Assad or Iran in fighting ISIS. People are evenly split over Assad – 36% think we should co-operate with the regime, 34% that we should not. With Iran people are far more supportive of co-operation – 54% of people think that we should co-operate with Iran, 18% are opposed.

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  1. @spearmint

    Thank you for that information.

    I think that indeed UKIP will do a lot better than that.
    So the potential is there for them to do LOTS of damage to CON then…..

  2. @AnarchistsUnite – UKIP don’t have to win any seats, to cost the Conservatives them.


    “(1) I was talking about the deficit, which is distinct from the level of spending.

    (2) Investment is also distinct from the deficit. In fact, investment spending is much easier to cut than current spending.”


    Bill this is needless quibbling to dodge my point. My point was you can increase the deficit, or indeed run one in the first place, and use tbe money to invest.

    If in a reasonable time frame the return on investment exceeds the cost, you are quids in.

    It is just basic investment.

  4. @MAURA
    I disagree with you quite strongly when it comes to Cameron’s speech and the NHS passage. Labour have attacked him personally saying that he wants to destroy it. He has to make it clear why such an accusation is preposterous. For Cameron this is personal and Labour’s attacks are deeply insulting. What would you have him do?

  5. @TOH

    “Agreed but it means nothing as the NHS problem is much bigger than either are prepared to tackle, a 37 billion black hole.”

    So your solution is to switch to a more expensive model?

  6. I agree with Maura in that it is distasteful to use this particular example to make
    a political point.Gordon Browns son also had cerebral palsy but never used it as an emotive lever.

  7. New thread.

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