Lord Ashcroft’s weekly poll this afternoon has topline figures of CON 28%(+3), LAB 32%(-2), LDEM 8%(+2), UKIP 17%(-2). The Labour lead is down by five points but this is very probably a reversion to the mean after an unusual looking poll a week ago. Full tabs are on Lord Ashcroft’s website here

The other new poll out today was Populus’s twice-weekly online poll – that had topline figures of CON 35%, LAB 36%, LDEM 9%, UKIP 14%. Tabs here

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  1. @ Billy Bob,

    it’s beginning to look like the UK might be offered a “special case” reduced membership/semi-detached status.

    Is it beginning to look like that? To me it’s beginning to look like the president of the European Commission will be elected on the grounds that “None of us like this guy but David Cameron hates him, so we’re electing him just to stick two fingers up to the UK!”, which bodes ill for any proposed renegotiation of powers people actually care about.

    @ Mr. Nameless,

    37% has been the modal YouGov Labour score for a week or so. Ukip is unwinding to the Tories’ benefit in this poll, but it’s not clear it did anything for Labour.

  2. Rosie and Daisie,
    Yes,the French are spot on on this.Religion has no place in schools,ever.

  3. “It is going to be a tight race, as Fergie said: ‘squeaky *** time.”

    Blimey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ChrisLane nearly said “bum”. What is the world coming to?

    Would you want him teaching YOUR child? I wouldn’t. Mind you, she is 48.

  4. ann

    Yeah, but have them Froggies got our British values??

    I doubt it – that’s why they’re hopping mad. *****

    ***** That is my best play-on-words joke for ages.

  5. @ Pups,

    While I agree completely, the Birmingham schools are not faith schools. Whatever problems may or may not exist there, they were caused by failures (or possibly, the success) of oversight within the secular school framework.

  6. Not a particularly good 24 hours for the Government, yet the Tories jump 4% in the polls! Without stating the bleedin’ obvious (as if I ever would!), 31% in yesterday’s poll was on the low side of MOE for the Tories and I would contend today’s 35% is up the top end. No real shift in opinion going on at all, I suspect.

    Why don’t we split the difference and say 33% sounds about right at the moment! Labour’s VI seems set in concrete with YouGov at present. 37% it is, I think

  7. missis M

    I am really pontificating in a general way, as befits someone who knows wot swot and is probably the epitome of good ole British values.

    Viz – not speaking any foreign languages and….. and………….and I can’t think of the rest offhand.

  8. ps to missis m

    D’you want to watch the footy with me on Skype on Saturday? The gurls have got extra biscuits in.

  9. Spearmint and R and D
    I’ve just thought back to my time as a school governor (not so long ago, about 10 years) and governing bodies were like parish councils. To get on them one simply volunteered. So in such situations, it becomes easy to pack them with any group one would like to choose, but nobody bothered, because it was all so boring.

  10. OK CB11, only because it’s you, mind.

  11. Rand D,
    Quite.I don’t really know what I am agreeing with but it sounds terribly British.

  12. a in w

    That great song with the line

    “Its knowing they’re not British that makes them hopping mad.”

  13. According to Newsnight, Ofsted are sticking with Sir Michael Wilshaws comments re Gove last night and refutes the DfE statement earlier today.

    Someone is telling li*s. This is totally unacceptable – someone should go, the problem is determining whether it should be Gove or Wilshaw.

  14. Colin/Jack Sheldon
    1) how do I find out these poll results before being published on YG’s website?
    2) any info on how the ‘others’ broke in the poll, or do we have to wait until the tabs or published on YG’s website tomorrow morning?

  15. @Peter Bell

    Likely to be someone at the DfE. It was the DfE and not Ofsted that released a statement earlier today saying that Wilshaw had withdrawn his criticism of Gove over no-notice inspections.

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