The weekly YouGov results for the Sunday Times are up here; topline voting intentions are CON 33%, LAB 36%, LDEM 7%, UKIP 15%.

Nick Clegg always scores badly on leadership ratings anyway, but following last week he’s broken his own records. 13% think he is doing well as Lib Dem leader, 78% badly, a net figure of minus 65 (which now nudges him below Gordon Brown’s worst ever figure of minus 62). 41% of people think that Nick Clegg should resign as Lib Dem leader, 32% think he should remain. However, amongst Lib Dem supporters (a small sample, given their decline!), 62% want Clegg to stay. YouGov asked about alternative leaders, but the most important finding there is quite how unknown they all are – the majority of people say they don’t know enough about Ed Davey, Tim Farron or Danny Alexander to answer, while opinions are evenly divided over whether Vince Cable would be better or worse. Bear that in mind when you see any polls asking about alternive Lib Dem leaders – the people answering don’t know who these people are.

There are similar divisions on attitudes to the Liberal Democrats and the coalition. Amongst the public as a whole only 30% want the Lib Dems to remain in coalition, 53% would like them to leave (26% to leave the coalition but allow a Tory minority government, 27% to leave the coalition and bring down the Tory government). Amongst Liberal Democrat supporters themselves 51% want them to stay in government, 40% would like them to leave (24% to leave and support a minority Tory government, 16% to leave and bring the government down). While most Lib Dem voters still back their coalition with the Tories, their hearts are elsewhere – if they had to choose 57% would rather work with Labour than the Conservatives.

YouGov also asked about Cameron’s planned EU renegotiation. Asked what they’d most like Cameron to look for in any renegotiation with the European Union immigration and the right of EU citizens to claim benefits in the UK are by far the most popular opinions – unsurprisingly given how much debate about the European Union seems to have become tangled up with immigration in recent years. Asked more specifically what they’d like to see, 37% would like a total ban on EU citizens claiming British benefits, 34% restrictions (15% would oppose either, and wish to keep present arrangements). On EU immigration the most popular choice was limiting EU immigration to skilled immigrants (43%). 19% would prefer a cap on EU immigration, 20% the status quo. 8% would like all EU immigration stopped.

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  1. @JACK SHELDON: “Not sure how to explain the seemingly increasing LAB lead in a few polls this week.”

    Aren’t they just returning to normal? It’s more that the Tories are falling further behind, presumably due to UKIP.

  2. I think the “Like Us” sentiment is mult-faceted, and “skin colour” (if race is a redundant concept) is just one of those facets.

    It is not uncommon, for example, for mixed groups of white, black and white/black dual-parentage people to collectively hold a dislike for people from South Asian backgrounds, based not so much on skin colour but on “not like us” aspects of their culture, religion and lifestyle.

    For a community whose lifestyle revolves around drinking, dancing, casual sex, drug taking and risque dress codes, the more conventional morality and rigid social structure of Hindu and Muslim immigrants from South Asia seems very strange indeed. And there is also the rejection of certain bonding elements such as love of association football, or Western music styles (as in -hemisphere, not Country-and-) which also sets many South Asian people apart.

  3. Talking of Country and Western music, does anyone remember Kinky Friedman, the “Texas singing Jew -boy ” as he styled himself.
    My favourite song of his was ,
    “We reserve the right to refuse service to you”
    (You look just like a Communist, you come on just like a Jew).

    Brilliant anti-racist humour, just like the wonderful ‘Blazing Saddles’.

  4. “Jews are treated as a racial category though. i.e you can be jewish and an atheist through your Jewish ‘racial’ heritage.
    the same isn’t true – AFAIK – for any other religion.”

    Thank you Reggieside for giving me the opportunity of correcting the very widespread category error, alas made by some Jews as well as many (most?) non-Jews: namely, to confuse the pseudo-scientific concept of “race’, by which the whole of humankind is supposed to be slotted into one or other ‘races’ and DESCENT which is a universal feature of human reproduction.

    Is every family or wider kinship group a separate “race”? QED.

    In Judaism, Jewish identity is determined through the maternal line – in Islam, as we’ve just seen in that shocking case in Sudan, it’s determined through the paternal line – so, even allowing for voluntary conversion, Jews are an example of a descent group (just as every family is, including adoption, and, of course, hundreds of other wider population groups).

    The simple fact is that Jews worldwide exhibit a wide range of physical features range associated with various ‘racial’ or ‘ethnic’ groups (Black, Indian, Arab, Chinese, etc) due to what’s happened in their long history.

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