I’ve been laid low with a stomach bug all day so haven’t had time to really write about today’s polling. For the record though here are the two new polls from Lord Ashcroft and Populus.

Lord Ashcroft’s poll has topline figures of CON 29%, LAB 31%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 17% – a nice post-local election boost for UKIP and the highest they’ve recorded in a telephone poll to date. Tabs are here.

In contrast Populus have figures of CON 34%, LAB 36%, LDEM 9%, UKIP 14%. Their fourteen point figure for UKIP is just the same as last week. Tabs here

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  1. NFR
    How about the rise of UKIP?

  2. R&D

    “Get well soon Anthony and if it’s any consolation then the Labour VI appears to have caught a bit of a stomach bug as well.”
    Another perspicacious post Allan. Its great that the other two main parties [the govt ones] have stayed clear of it.

    Thanks I’m just exercising my perspicacious judgment.

  3. “Thanks I’m just exercising my perspicacious judgment.”

    It certainly needs it – it just lacks the main two qualities at the moment.

  4. pete b

    Yes, I am fully aware of that.

  5. “How about the rise of UKIP?”

    When all said and done just 9% of the electorate voted for them and even they won’t be all of one view.

  6. @RosieAndDaisie – We already have a sort of UN of civilised democracies only – it’s called the EU.

  7. @R&D

    Couldn’t agree more, fIt is one of those things that makes me furious and I can rant on and on for hours about. If any country was discriminating against a race in the way that women are discriminated against in many countries, the country would be an internatonal pariah. The UN should have sanctions against countries that do not give women equality in law.

    If Scotland becomes independent that is our first UN resolution.

  8. rogerh

    I think you’ll find that EVERYONE has voted UKIP and all of them for the same two reasons.

    have you not read the papers???

  9. ” David Cameron told Nick Ferrari that UKIP was full of “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists”.

    I wouldn’t go as far as Cameron but the party does have a sort of Marvel comic streak to them and with all that purple and grinning who’s to say Farage isn’t really the Joker?

    “Now comes the part where I relieve you, the little people, of the burden of your failed and useless lives. But, as my plastic surgeon always said: if you gotta go, go with a smile”

  10. The Scottish Labour leader was on TV tonight – again talking about how we must pander to UKIP voters. No we don’t, UKIP got 10% only 3% of the electorate what makes them more important than the 90% that didn’t vote UKIP.

  11. Cameron on TV saying “We need more four-nation states”.

    That’s a bit UK-centric, suggesting that other EU states should have four nations as well.

    Though he might have been watching the four candles sketch and got confused, I suppose.

  12. “who’s to say Farage isn’t really the Joker?”


    Like santa, ole nat, the tooth fairy and god, the joker isn’t real.

    I hope that doesn’t upset you too much but you’d have had
    to be told these things sooner or later.


    actually the tooth the fairy IS real now I think about it.

  13. @Allan Christie – Why so serious?

  14. Couper2802

    “The Scottish Labour leader was on TV tonight ”

    No he wasn’t. That was Johann Lamont.

  15. RogerH
    “When all said and done just 9% of the electorate voted for them and even they won’t be all of one view.”

    Less than 22% of the electorate voted for Labour in 2005 on a much higher turnout, yet they formed a government. I think 9% of the electorate in a European election is comparable. I haven’t used the coalition figure, because it was for two parties (over 38% of the electorate).

    Anyway, I’m off to bed, but suffice it to say that though immigration and multiculturalism is fine up to a point, we should draw the line at cultural practices such as honour killings, forced marriages, female circumcision etc., and at the moment this doesn’t seem to be happening.

  16. @OldNat – Typical imperialist bigotry against the nations of Cornwall, Mann, Suðreyar, Kent, Hwicce, etc… What makes the nations of Scotland, Wales, Ulster and England so much more special than the other defunct nations that existed on these isles?

  17. COUPER

    It’s desperate stuff but then again I suppose she’s got to find another narrative for Better Together.

    The (Best of Both Worlds) was beginning to sound like a type of Hovis bread.

  18. Chris Green

    What else do you expect from Cameron? Like his Treasury, he can’t even count.

  19. R&D

    I’m not being cheeky but if the tooth fairy was to wait for an offering from under your pillow then I expect she would starve.

  20. @OldNat

    Haha took me a while.

  21. @OldNat – It was you who said that “four-nation state” was somehow UK-centric. But the UK is either one nation – the UK – or the site of countless defunct nations, of varying size, duration and prestige.

  22. Chris Green

    @Allan Christie – Why so serious?

    Why not?

  23. Chris Green

    Jeez! You can’t even a comprehend a Two Ronnies reference.

  24. If we ever “regionalise” England, I vote we split her into Anglia, Mercia, Northumbria, Wessex, Cornwall and London.

  25. @Allan Christie – Are you under the impression that the Tooth Fairy eats the children’s teeth? That’s even more disturbing than the actual myth.

  26. Neil A

    If we ever “regionalise” England, I vote we split her into Anglia, Mercia, Northumbria, Wessex, Cornwall and London

    Far too complex, North and South would suffice.

  27. Chris Green

    @Allan Christie – Are you under the impression that the Tooth Fairy eats the children’s teeth? That’s even more disturbing than the actual myth

    Well what the hell does it do with them? Stick them up her arse?

  28. Neil A

    As an officially recognised “national minority”, wouldn’t it be up to the Cornish to decide whether they were a region of England or not?

  29. @OldNat – Of course I can, don’t be ridiculous – four candles, fork handles. Funny sketch, the first time one sees it.

    But it brings out a serious point, which is that it’s irrational for nationalists like you or Nick Griffin to think that “nationhood” is a real entity around which one can build an ideology.

  30. neil a

    “If we ever “regionalise” England, I vote we split her into Anglia, Mercia, Northumbria, Wessex, Cornwall and London.”

    ………… and Barney.

  31. Hwicce as well NeilA.
    A lovely place.

  32. @Oldnat,

    Exactly, that’s why they don’t get to be part of Wessex. Bl**dy foreigners.

    And I’d triple the toll on the Tamar Bridge too…

  33. Allan [email protected] Chris Green

    According to Wiki ” In England, for example, children were instructed to burn their baby teeth in order to save the child from hardship in the afterlife. Children who didn’t consign their baby teeth to the fire would spend eternity searching for them in the afterlife.”

    Obviously that’s why we have austerity now. The English allowed the Tooth Fairy to remove kid’s teeth from fiery oblivion – thus reducing them to penury.

  34. @ AC & Neil A

    The Greek method would be much easier. Classify people by what they eat.

    The problem is that I don’t know the Ancient Greek word for supermarket stuff chewers.

  35. I’ve been contacted by and contacted some old friends on facebook recently.

    Tried again tonight with no success and so used google only to discover that she has recently died.

    Its profoundly sad when you imagine someone is living to find they are not, and very strange at the same time.

    There are so many people and places and events that, throughout life, we see and experience for the last time, without ever knowing that or being able to say goodbye.

  36. OLDNAT

    LOL I’m glad I moved north at a young age.

  37. R&D

    I’m really sorry. It’s also a terrible way to learn it,

  38. @Ewen,

    If we’re going back as far as Hwicce, we’re going to have to throw in Kent, Sussex, Essex, Tomsaete and others.

    And maybe even Elmet and the other residual Celt enclaves.

    One has to draw the line somewhere!

  39. Chris Green

    Oh dear. Your ability to project your own assumptions onto others is prodigious.

    Quite rightly, Anthony discourages foolish discussions as to what constitutes left and right on this site,

    He should probably apply an equivalent ban on those ignorant enough to think that “nationalism” has only one meaning and that Nick Griffin and Gordon Brown share it.

  40. Neil A

    “One has to draw the line somewhere!”

    Indeed, but why should we allow a temporary (if rather lengthy) inundation of Doggerland allow some to separate us from our common heritage?

  41. Laszlo

    @ AC & Neil A

    The Greek method would be much easier. Classify people by what they eat.

    The problem is that I don’t know the Ancient Greek word for supermarket stuff chewers

    It’s called TESCO ;-)

  42. @Paul,

    I have a similar situation, but perhaps even more awkward.

    There’s a guy I was at Hendon with (also called Paul, strangely). He moved back up north a couple of years after we left Hendon and I lost touch with him. But a few years ago he added me on FB and we chatted briefly.

    About a year ago I checked up his FB page and noticed that there were lots of “missing you dad” type messages from people with the same surname, clearly his kids. Looking back on his page I saw a message from him on the same date a year before on the page of another man with the same name that appeared to be a remembrance. Reading between the lines, I have a terrible feeling that he lost his son, and then took his own life a year later. I never knew his family (I met his wife once 24 years ago). I can’t find anything about his passing on Google and I wouldn’t know how to begin sending a message to his family asking what happened.

    So I understand your pain, to some extent at least.

  43. @ Christ Green

    As far as I know Stalin’s definition of nationhood (On the question of Linguistics) is still considered the most comprehensive (partly because many don’t know where it comes from). You may want to consult it. It’s actually very interesting.

  44. R&D

    That is sad news and what a way to find out. :(

  45. Laszlo

    Chris already thinks himself to be the chosen instrument of the revealed word – don’t make it worse by deifying him! :-)

  46. Laszlo

    @ (Christ Green)

    Don’t know if that was a slip of the keyboard but he is behaving like lord o mighty.

  47. R&D

    That’s difficult, though I suspect it will be increasingly the way that many of us will find out such loss.

  48. @ OldNat

    Oops. Autocorrection … Of the name …

    Still the suggested reading is valid :-)

  49. Neil/Allan

    Thanks: I actually don’t know why it felt so awful. Perhaps the fact that she had died three and a half years ago and I never knew.

    It brings home to you the numbers of others who may now be dead yet I visualise as living.

    And the knowledge that it will one day be me also I suppose. Though that will be less of a concern for me personally.

  50. @ Allan Christie

    “Don’t know if that was a slip of the keyboard”

    No. Just stupid IPad. I didn’t want to go to the computer, because then the dog thinks he can make a fuss out in the garden and the neighbours don’t take kindly to this at this hour.

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