This morning’s YouGov/Sun poll has topline figures of CON 32%, LAB 38%, LDEM 10%, UKIP 13% – a six point lead for Labour (as was yesterday’s poll). After a week of narrower leads immediately following the budget it looks as though things have now reverted to the same sort of leads we were seeing before the budget*. Full tabs are here.

Meanwhile the twice-weekly Populus poll has topline figures of CON 33%, LAB 37%, LDEM 10%, UKIP 13% – also very much business as usual.

(*Meaning I don’t have to rip up my annual budgets rarely do anything positive for government popularity post. Was looking dicey for a bit there.)

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  1. RAF
    The National Anthem before the Grand National. Are we American?

    -Did they stop the Race Halfway for a message from their Sponsors?

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  2. RAF

    Good point

    In fact it is worse because it is and anthem about a person who I don’t care about. Another excuse for me to shout at the tv though

    I do quite like refusing to stand for the dirge whenever I get the chance though – a lot of good British grumbling and sideways glances

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  3. Many years ago (1966) about four or five members of my college Socialist Society managed to get tickets for a “closed” Conservative election rally in Norwich. The speaker was none other than Ted Heath himself.

    The proceedings started with the National Anthem and we all just remained in our seats. As soon as it was over, two Blue rinsed ladies in the seats behind us started battering us over the head with their umbrellas.

    The things I’ve endured for Socialism…..

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  4. Norbold

    Clear case of personal assault – I expect a member of the Party of Law and Order enacted a citizen’s arrest and the two ladies were whisked off into a Black Maria and chucked into a cell, followed by a beaten confession to two murders and a armed robbery……or perhaps not

    I lived in the town where the West Midland’s Serious Crime Squad operated on so perhaps my views of the police are a bit biased….

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  5. Big national event – National Anthem – what’s the problem? – every other country does it with no fuss – what’s the matter with this country at times ? – Same with St George’s Day – celebrate and smile for goodness sake!

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  6. @Martyn, they’re still around, although almost certainly operating illegally now (cops don’t really care/know). For complicated license reasons they’re not meant to carry more than 8 passengers. Taking into account strippers and pickups, this does at least put a limit on the number of bridesmaids.

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  7. @Sine Nomine

    Nothing wrong in principle. But it’s never happened before in my memory. Like many other things identified by @Martyn above, it seems part of a creeping Americanisation of British culture.

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    @” what’s the matter with this country at times ? ”

    Nothing wrong with the country Sine.

    Don’t confuse UKPR contributors with the rest of the population. lol.

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  9. Colin

    So we contributors are better or worse – based on what definition?

    Loving the Queen, standing up for the NA?

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  10. I stand up to take a pee but certainly not for the national anthem

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  11. I mean really standing up to cal on something I don’t believe in to save something I don’t want

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  12. SINE NOMINE very rude of you to bring such heresy into the Labour Bunker. You types are all the same, you want people to respect your outmoded 1950′s notions of patriotism yet you don’t respect other people’s 1930′s notions of Socialism. Now say three Hail Milibands and something snidey about Ukip or the Tories.

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  13. Colin,

    I guess that is reverse anecdote.

    If a lefty UKPR poster says something it must be unrepresentative.

    FWIW, therefore, I too dislike the creeping americanisation with Proms for my kids when leaving school being an example.

    I think many anti-monarchist revile at the use of the National Anthem sometimes because of the particular one we have glorifying the institution and our imperialist past.

    I find it rather embarrassing that the British National Anthem is used by England as well and wonder if this subtly adds to a feeling in the other nations of the UK that they are considered by many English as Junior members of the Nation.

    Norbold – whilst not as brave as yours I was chastised at Industry Dinners for refusing to say the loyal toast. When I first did this around 20 years ago I was just about the only one but no they no longer do it as a generational change occurred.

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  14. MrBeeswax

    I am not sure that many Labour members or MPs are anti-monarchist.

    I don’t think this is necessarily right vs left more liberal vs conservative

    I echo Steve’s comment on standing up to ask something I don’t believe to save an institution I don’t believe should exist

    Surely we can do better…….

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  15. Yes, that’s my problem with our national anthem. It isn’t actually a national anthem at all. It’s a hymn of praise to the reigning monarch.

    Now if we had something like Rule Britannia or Jerusalem that would be a different story.

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  16. I’m a patriot (and an American to boot, sorry) but I recognise that part of our national character is to be dismissive and slightly embarrassed of overt displays of patriotism. Hence wanting the national anthem out of the way!

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  17. @Mr Beeswax – lol – excellent reply!

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  18. Mr Nameless

    I have no problem with a National Anthem – just the one we have done is awful -sounds terrible (even the Swiss got rid of it!) and is completely and the lyrics are a disgrace

    Does it mention the country or make any reference to the people at all?

    My loyalties to my country have nothing to do with God or the Monarch

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  19. @BCrombie

    I’m with you on the National Anthem.

    Whatever will we do if we ever become a republic? And if this really is becoming a secular/non-christian country, references to God might be inappropriate.

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  20. I Have been to every Arsenal cup final since Liverpool in 1971 and have never stood for the anthem at one

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  21. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses…..

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  22. National Anthems can be fun,
    Here in Wales they are lucky,with both Old Land Of My Fathers and Cwym Rhonnda,both great tunes with stirring lyrics.I agree that our national anthem is
    A bit of a boring dirge.

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  23. Ann

    Love the Welsh. Scottish, Irish and French anthems. La Marseillaise is very rousing (but a bit bloody if you read the lyrics). I do think that Land of My Fathers wins it though

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  24. Anthems have no purpose other than making you want to give your blood, sweat and tears for your country.

    Which is why ours is appalling. It’s a dirge. In terms of the basic concept of an anthem, you can’t beat the old Soviet one.

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  25. Horse Racing people, owners and trainers are fiercely Conservative and patriotic. I remember a trainer, not all that long retired, grabbing hold of a company exec and saying ‘WTF are you doing supporting Blair he should be bloody shot’.

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  26. .. and the (now omitted) verse 2 of NA :-
    O Lord our God arise
    Scatter our enemies,
    And make them fall;
    Confound their politics,
    Frustrate their knavish tricks;
    On Thee our hopes we fix;
    God save us all.

    – so its got politics, and tricks very C21. Some do say this verse referred to Scotland – written by Anon circa 1743. Source Hymns Ancient and Modern standard edition. If we get a yes in the ref perhaps this verse could be resurrected/modified/given a decent burial. Oh, and the opening line in verse 1 is ‘God save our gracious King. ‘

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