The weekly YouGov/Sunday Times poll is up online here. Topline voting intentions are CON 32%, LAB 39%, LDEM 10%, UKIP 14%.

Most of the survey covers British attitudes to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Broadly speaking, public opinion is strongly on the side of the Ukraine over Russia, but that does not necessarily translate into support for any real western intervention. Only 11% of people think that Russia’s intervention into the Crimea is justified, 67% think it is not. 50% are more sympathetic towards the Ukraine, just 3% Russia.

42% of people think that Britain and the west should take some sort of economic sanctions on Russia even if it damages the British economy slightly, 25% think the dispute between Russia and the Ukraine does not impact British interests, so we should not do anything that might damage our own economy, however slight.

Asked about some specific measures, the only response that gets clear support is trade sanctions against Russia (by 50% to 25%). People are divided over expelling Russia from the G8 (38% support, 33% oppose), freezing Russian assets (38% support, 33% oppose) or giving financial aid to Ukraine (32% support, 38% oppose). There is majority opposition to breaking off diplomatic relations with Russia (21% support, 55% oppose), giving military aid to Ukraine (15% support, 59% oppose) or deploying Western troops to Russia (11% support, 64% oppose).

Ramping up the situation, if Russia takes permanent control of the Crimea and all diplomatic and economic attempts to stop them fail 15% of people would support the USA and allies taking military action. 48% say the west should use diplomatic and economic means to try and stop it, but should stop short of military action.

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  1. @Colin

    Re: HoC unity that there can be no valid referendum in Crimea with Russian troops on the ground.

    Well yes, of course. But as I’ve said before there are likely to be two referendums in Crimea. One later this week, and another at the same time or just after the Ukrainian General Election.

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  2. Wow, so back then the two main parties got 96.8% of the vote?

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  3. Guy Monde,
    Lovely anecdote.

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  4. CL1945

    @”Jenkins, though, is no saint.”

    Indeed-as seems to be the conclusion of this latest book on him.

    Never liked him. I could take Benn more easily-at least what you saw was what you got.

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  5. RAF

    I wasn’t aware of that. Haven’t seen it reported anywhere.

    The EU timetable of sanctions seems to be focussed on next weekends Referendum.

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  6. If the European nations pull out of the Russian World Cup that would sort it out in a moment.

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  7. Just to make everyone’s day, put minds at rest, from the Times:

    ”Nick Clegg has been bounced today into committing to run the Liberal Democrats until at least 2020, regardless of his party’s result at the next election.

    The Deputy Prime Minister’s office issued a statement confirming that he would serve a full five years after drawing criticism for having suggested only hours earlier that he could stand down if the Lib Dems did not form part of the next government.”


    “Speaking at the conference, Mr Clegg also hinted that he is likely to attempt to block further attempts by Labour to undo some of the changes to public services made by the coalition.

    He criticised “successive administrations jumping from one set of public service reforms to the next and Whitehall just seemed to carry on regardless as as more and more power was sucked up to the centre. I don’t want us ever to go back there.”

    This suggests that they will try to strike down any attempt by Labour to change the structure of the NHS. They are currently talking about combining the health and social care budgets at local government level, though firm plans have yet to emerge. A Lib Dem source said they would cross that bridge when they got to it. “

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  8. Norbold,
    winning is an important, some might say vital, part of the equation.

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  9. @Carfrew

    Keep digging, Nick, keep digging. Every day he appears more like a National Liberal.

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  10. rogerh

    @ALLAN CHRISTIE: “…coming to the rescue of a bent and corrupt unelected government in Kiev?”

    I don’t think those of us unpersuaded by Putin’s propaganda see it as coming to the rescue of any government so much as opposition to military incursions into other countries and concern for the people facing annexation by a foreign power

    What’s worse, BBC and CNN propaganda or Putin’s?
    The real damage started when we saw Western leaders protesting along side lunatics in Kiev.

    I’m not saying what the pro Russian forces in Crimea are doing is right but if I were a Russian born Crimean I would be asking Moscow for help and plenty of it.

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  11. @RAF

    This is even better. Guess who just said this…

    “I do believe they should have a pay rise,”

    ” “Some people might think that these MPs should live in a tent, they should have four to a room.

    “I want my MP, particularly those who don’t live in London who’ve got to travel down into work in London, to have decent accommodation to go home to. I want them to have a proper meal, I don’t want them to scramble around the place.”

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  12. (It was Bob Crow who said it…)

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  13. @ Wes

    One of the factors involved in the vote share was that there were very few candidates from outside the main two parties standing.The £150 deposit was a lot of money in 1951 and neither the Liberals nor other small parties could easily afford to lose such a sum especially when they needed to get 12.5% of the vote to recover it.Coming so soon after a lot of lost deposits in 1950 meant most knew what to expect.

    In 1970 the Liberals took the decision to fight every seat.By then inflation had made the deposit, still fixed at £150,trivial and ironically in 1974 The Liberals weren’t losing many anyway.

    When the deposit was finally increased in 1985 to £500 the voting threshold for losing one dropped to 5%. As things stand the next election could be quite expensive for the Lib Dems although inflation has again eaten into the real cost.

    I’ve never actually liked the financial barrier to standing for election that the deposit represents and would much prefer a larger number of electors required to sponsor candidates with all of the bureaucratic responsibilities placed on the candidates’ parties.

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  14. NICK P.
    Absolutely agree on the football

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  15. @ Colin

    There were some Western wire services suggesting that Kiev was contemplating military action in Crimea (I think it’s more likely to be FOW, than reality, but a good excuse. Like the Right Sector men shooting at demonstrators in Doneck). So that would justify Russian military movements in Crimea.

    If there is a proper excuse, Russia will take more of Ukraine and I guess Romania and Hungary will do the same. The remaining bits would be absorbed by Poland.

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  16. Just to the previous.

    After the announced mobilisation in the Ukraine (silly because their army is not battle capable) several thousand young and not so young crossed the Hungarian border to avoid the drafting. There are elections in Hungary in less than a month. It suits the campaign beautifully. For the majority Hungarians Carpathian Ukraine is Hungarian territory (some may even include Halich). It’s rubbish of course, even if it belonged to Hungary till 1918. Romania may also want some parts, though they wouldn’t want a precedent for Transylvania…

    Versailles has very long shadows.

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  17. Why on Earth would Poland want western Ukraine? It’s a much poorer country and they don’t even speak Polish.

    Say what you like about Russia, they’re at least trying to steal the bit with the coalfields and the gas pipelines.

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  18. Apologies – tablet… “Majority of Hungarians (in Hungary)”

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  19. @ Spearmint

    Lamberg (Lvov) – they speak Polish. After the collapse of the SU there was a proposal in Polish Parliament for demanding compensation for the confiscated land of the Polish “pan”.

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  20. New thread about UKIP.

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  21. According to this article in the Independent the leader of the Crimean parliament managed to win 4% of the vote in the last elections.

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