Tonight’s daily YouGov poll for the Sun has topline figures of CON 34%, LAB 37%, LDEM 9%, UKIP 12% – so a second YouGov poll with a somewhat lower Labour lead than of late. Again, could still be margin of error, or perhaps we are seeing the lead narrowing. Time will tell.

358 Responses to “YouGov/Sun – CON 34, LAB 37, LD 9, UKIP 12”

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  1. Ah but now we have the most important question… Will this poll be breaking news on Sky?

  2. “Today in the Commons was fairly typical of the Tory right: its as though they can’t wait to be pure – and out of power.”

    I suppose – to be fair to the ole rascals – they feel they are out of power anyway and are deluded enough to feel that a pure right-wing vision is what the country is quietly craving for.


  4. “There may be some truth in this, but I would see it as a good thing. Surely it’s better to have MPs who act according to their beliefs rather than slavishly following a party line because of fear for their jobs? Not better for their party, obviously, but better for the country and democracy.”

    The counter-argument to this of course is that democracy is better served by MPs who need to serve their constituents well out of economic self-interest in being re-elected, than MPs who can afford to disregard their constituents and throw irresponsible tantrums because they can fall back on their directorships.

    Your mileage may vary on which argument is more compelling.

  5. R&D
    There was a poll shown on this site on 12th Jan which showed 71% wanting Overseas Aid cut and 76% supporting a 2-year ban on immigration. If these are right-wing policies perhaps the Tory right is more in tune with the electorate than you think?

  6. They’re the sort of responses that fall apart once you put some detail into the questions.

  7. @howard/mr nameless

    He was selected in Witney, at a time when Andrew Mitchell no less (temporarily without a seat), was being run from constituency to constituency because he was too pro-Europe. What chance of a europhile becoming a candidate anywhere now?

    He secured the backing of rightwingers for his leadership of the party by promising to remove Con MEPs from the EPP gouping.

    He didn’t want a referendum, now he does.

    They have every confidence in him!

  8. I think the actual lead is less important than the fact that there IS a very consistent one.

    Labour has been solidly ahead for almost all of this government’s period in office and there doesn’t seem much chance of it changing.

    People are generally unconvinced by ‘the recovery’ which doesn’t seem to benefit them and I suspect Labour is heading for a comfortable win unless something untoward happens like it emerging that the whole of the shadow cabinet are serial murderers.

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