YouGov’s weekly poll for the Sunday Times is up here. Topline figures are CON 33%, LAB 39%, LD 8%, UKIP 13%. Good job/bad job ratings for the leaders are minus 15 for Cameron, minus 35 for Miliband, minus 51 for Clegg.

On the economy there is a big contrast between people’s attitudes to the economy as a whole, and their own personal circumstances. On the wider economy there is optimism – 36% of people think things are better than a year ago, 24% worse. Ask about people’s own finances and only 14% think they are better off than a year ago, 39% think they are worse off. Asked about the year ahead, only 17% think their own household’s finances will get better, 37% think they’ll get worse. People are pessimistic, but it’s a measure of how bad things were (and how things are turning round) that this minus twenty net score is the best so far this Parliament.

Asked which party is closest to different groups, the Conservatives are overwhelmingly seen as the party that best represents and understands the rich (by 83%) of people. Labour are a mile ahead of the other two parties on representing and understanding the working class and people on benefits (though around a quarter of people think no party really understands or represents them). Despite Ed Miliband’s recent foray, the Conservatives are still seen as the party that best represents and understands the middle class. Even amongst Labour’s own voters 30% think the Conservatives better understand middle class people.

Asked to describe themselves, 46% of people say they are working class, 42% middle class. It’s interesting to compare the ABC1C2DE social categorisations of people (which is based on their occupation) with their self-perceptions: 35% of people in “middle class occupations” consider themselves working class, and 28% of people in “working class occupations” consider themselves middle class. Obviously the ABC classification is pretty crude in its own way, but it’s also a sign of perceptions of social class are an awful lot more complicated than people’s own current occupation.

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  1. @Crossbat.

    There is far more evidence of sexual harassment by Clinton than by Rennard. The behaviour alleged is worse. And unlike Rennard (so far at least) Clinton was caught lying about it. He paid nearly a million dollars to settle the case. He was disbarred from practicing law for five years.

    As for describing me as “weasley”, and my views as “risible”, that’s a matter for you. My description of you is frankly unprintable, but is has the words “partisan” and “pot” in it.

  2. @TOH

    I don’t know why you directed that comment at me.
    Whilst I have different political preferences, I completely agree with that analysis and I doubt many on the left exhibit the complacency you ascribe to them, especially as 1992 is well within most activists’ living memory.

    @NEIL A
    I can’t agree with you about unemployment/the economy. The situation has frightened people into jobs no matter how ill-paid/awful/part time (and I think that’s a good thing in the short term, for the reasons Alec gives) but the stewardship of the economy by Osborne is indefensible – 3 years of disaster followed by what will in due course be recognised as a bubble.

    I do tend to your side re Clinton though. Thai brides are consensual adults too.

    ” I’m surprised somebody somewhere didn’t sue him for paedophilia and cannibalism eventually!! ”

    Pardon? I thought it was Monica who did the cannibalism?

  4. The other howard.
    We shall see. one of us will be right and the other wrong. To me, the outcome of the next election is becoming quite clear. labour will get between 300 and 320 seats. I think the tories will get between 255 and 275. and the lib dems will get between 38 and 43. something like that.

    now i could be totally wrong and am quite willing to bow to your superior insight, should the tories get back into power.

    I hope you can show similar grace, should you be proved wrong.

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