The fortnightly Opinium poll for the Observer and the monthly online ComRes poll for the Indy on Sunday and Sunday Mirror are both out tonight and both are in line with the general trend we’ve seen of increased Labour leads.

Opinium in the Observer have voting intentions of CON 28%(-3), LAB 37%(nc), LDEM 9%(+2), UKIP 16%(nc). Full tabs are here.

ComRes have topline figures of CON 29%(-3), LAB 35%(nc), LDEM 10%(+1), UKIP 17%(+1). Tabs are here.

103 Responses to “Latest ComRes and Opinium polls”

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  1. Strangely, as someone interested in politics, I rarely watch any interviews, debates etc as I just hate the stupidity of it all.

    From the little I see or read about Clegg I think the main reason I think the LDs are doomed is because once an image is tarnished then no amount of effort can bring the shine back.

    My feeling is that people simply don’t listen to him or, if they do, it is with great cynicism. I don’t think it is the hand he has played so much as the relish with which he has played it.

    I can’t see any way back for him at all – and probably for his party for some time as well.

  2. @RosieAndDaisie
    I’m afraid I don’t, I chose my name because of the changing political environment- and, of course, because it sounds poetic! ;)

  3. ah well… google it. Itsa guddun.

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