The Sun have tweeted tonight’s YouGov voting intention figures – toplines are CON 32%, LAB 41%, LD 8%, UKIP 11%. The Labour lead is up to nine points, the biggest for three weeks or so, and suggests a positive reaction to the conference announcements.

Usual caveats for any poll showing interesting movements apply, especially for the sometimes up and down polls of conference season (some years it doesn’t have much effect on polls, some years they are up and down like a rollercoaster after each conference). Last week we had a narrowing of the Labour lead following the Lib Dem conference, this week a boost in the Labour lead following their conference. Next up we have the Conservative conference – will the Labour conference boost be sustained so they end up the net beneficiaries of conference season? Or will it fade away again once the immediate publicity passes? Or indeed will the Conservatives get their own conference boost next week?

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  1. COLIN
    “Access to the workplace for disabled people is not a question of “assistance”-it is a matter of enabling equality of access. The disabled worker does not want ( or need) assistance. He/She merely requires an absence of barriers.”

    I am pretty sure we don’t disagree on any of this,, that is,, in terms of what would overcome barriers to equality of employment access for the disabled. In respect of the joined-up system that may be required, my reference to Kindred was to an independent advisory service to parents of disabled children, and to the place that that has in a civil sector element in the chain. In other respects, to cite a personal case,, but one which is representative of a wide institutional and funding system, my grandson, who is on the verge of employability,, and has autism related to a chromosome deficiency, has just been provided with a car and payment for driver/carer by the Scottish Government, has advisory support from the NHS, and stays at Bernados for days at a time, as respite for this parents, and gets arts and crafts training at a college based, volunteer supported centre.
    I believe that the reasoning and fund allocation behind the system, aspects of which have just been extended nation-wide in Scotland and linked to the hospital based service for the severely disabled, is feasible because it is economic. It costs, but any worse or less complete system would cost more. Neither it nor I represent any case against the independent self-determination of disabled people’s and their access to employment.

  2. @amber star – “Tory? Orange book liberal? New Labour Blairite?”

    In terms of economics – all enthusiastic neo-liberals.

    ” The strengths of the conservative party are its fiscal responsibility, its weaknesses are in its perceived compassion and tendency to divide”

    As I’ve commented earlier in this thread regarding the conrtrasting Labour economic policy position, it appears to me to be not a a weaknessin or lack of compassion but a concept of what constitutes the economy which is separating the Conservatives from Labour That is, the electorate are predominantly people for whom employment and the cost of living as they experience them are the economy or are its salient indicators; not only do they not necessaril;y follow macro-economic or fiscal indicators,, they associate them with the interests of the banks, big business, and – unfortunately – with the Conservative policies, membership.and funding sources.

  4. Spearmint, you are probably right about that.

  5. @TOH

    I often hide Daily Mails in supermarkets etc – call it a public service.

  6. AMBER
    And Margaret Hodge worked for Price Waterhouse, I believe.

    Actually they all need a few socialist economists and Keynesians for balance, and so that they don’t, as RosieandDasie indicated, get over bored.

  7. “I often hide Daily Mails in supermarkets etc – call it a public service.”


    ‘Accidentally’ leave them in the freezer….

  8. “I often hide Daily Mails in supermarkets etc – call it a public service.”

    Seems a lot of trouble and expense – where do you buy them from and how do you sneak ’em in?

    I assume you stick them under the frozen foods and so on.

    It’s a cunning plan but a bit on the barmy side.

  9. Chris

    Whatever turns you on. LOL

  10. Rosie – to coin a popular supermarket phrase ‘every little helps’. Would never buy – to be honest feel dirty even touching it.

  11. New fred, gentles.

  12. @ Statgeek

    ’twas a joke based on the public’s perception that Ed Miliband seems too young, inexperienced & geeky to be PM. :-)

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