Ipsos MORI’s monthly poll for the Evening Standard is now out, and has topline figures of CON 29% (-2), LAB 40% (+5), LDEM 10% (nc), UKIP 12% (n/c). Whereas ICM showed a big swing back to the Conservatives on Monday, MORI show a big swing back to Labour today… I think it only serves to underline how polls are always at the mercy of normal random error, and how we really shouldn’t get too het up about individual polls. Watch the trends, watch the averages.

In the other questions MORI’s monthly tracker of consumer confidence found optimism continuing to grow – 35% now expect things to get better over the next year, compared to 30% who expect things to get worse. Full tabs are here.

Meanwhile the daily YouGov poll for the Sun had topline figures of CON 32%, LAB 38%, LDEM 10%, UKIP 12%. Full tabs are here

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  1. WindsofChange
    No, they could surpass it easily. All it needs is for the entire centre of London to receive a massive flood next January and they’ll be on 5 times that in no time.

  2. They’ve been higher before and probably could be again. A big environmental story may be needed but they have a relatively passionate base and can slowly build support.

    A big problem for the Greens is that in some areas they have zero penetration. A Green candidate has never appeared on a ballot where I live except for the European elections. That 5% saying they’ll vote Green may in fact never get the chance.

  3. @WINDSOFCHANGE – LOL – Thanks

    Sorry, it just reminded me of synonym/pseudonym haha.

  5. Well at the moment it is very frustrating that the Greens can’t break past 5%; they only scored 1% in 2010!

  6. @windsorofchange

    Well the Greens got 8.6% at the last Euro elections, so I don’t see any reason why they can’t reach 5%. All they need to do is start fielding candidates in every election.

    A large part of the recent UKIP surge in the local elections was simply because they put up more candidates.

    Particularly with the current general “none of the above” feeling this is the perfect time for them to break through like UKIP has done.

  7. @Richard
    You really think it’s that simple? :)

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