This morning’s YouGov poll for the Sun had topline figures of CON 32%, LAB 37%, LD 11%, UKIP 12%. The five point lead is right at the bottom of YouGov’s current range – we had a couple at the beginning of July, but other than that it’s the lowest this year. That said, it’s within the normal margin of error for a lead of seven points or so, so don’t read too much into it. Full tabs are here.

YouGov also asked some questions in response to Ed Miliband’s announcement on the Unions. They are pretty cutting about the situation now, but much more positive about his proposals.

The announcement hasn’t yet made people see Miliband as being any stronger – he’s still seen as weak by 47% of people, strong by just 10%, the same figures as YouGov showed at the weekend. Neither has he distanced himself from the Unions yet – 36% think he is too close to Unions, up from 29% at the weekend. Asked who they think is currently more powerful within the Labour party, 36% say the leaders of the large trade unions, 33% say Miliband and the party leadership.

More positive for Miliband was people’s reaction to his proposals on trade unions and donation caps. 50% said they reflected a weakening of Labour’s link with the Unions, and most thought this was a good thing. 22% thought it wasn’t a weakening of the link… but most of them thought it was a good thing too, so initially at least it looks like he’s managed to keep both sides happy! Overall 52% think his proposals are a good thing, 20% a bad thing, 28% don’t know.

So a thumbs up for the specifics, but no positive movement yet general perceptions of Miliband. Remember it’s perfectly possible for people to like the specifics and it to have no effect simply because most people won’t have paid the slightest attention to them…they gave an opinion in the poll because YouGov told them what Miliband had proposed, and then asked people what they thought. In reality most people will be blissfully unaware of them. What probably matters more in the longer run is whether people pick up a broader perception of Ed Miliband being a stronger and more effective leader, stamping some authority on his party, or a perception of Labour having some internal row or other, and Ed Miliband being pushed around by the Unions.

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  1. Norbold
    I think AW should devise a colour background for Reg if he would be so kind.

    I too missed Amber’s last joke. I thought DC said that about UKIP, not the BNP, but perhaps the nuance was there but I did not find it. It is rather hot.e .

  2. Incidentally, as explanations seem necessary, yes, my first sentence was supposed to make you chortle.

  3. Norbold

    Yes, I can sympathise. I have often come across such people, but I belong to a more serious group within the party. I realise the party’s need for substantial reform but when I left the Tory party many a year ago this was the party most suited to my views so I joined it in the hope that as it became a more serious party it would change. As it is I am rarely involved in anything political – except this site and PMQs – as I have found my business ever more time consuming as it grows.


    I suppose you are right but the board to which I belong are very committed and are doing a great job as far as I can see.

  4. @ Howard

    DC did say it about UKIP. He might have omitted the word “closet” had he been speaking about the BNP.

  5. New thread. :-)

  6. @ Reg

    I’m not stereotyping you personally. Your posts on here have been well mannered and certainly not ranting, raving or racist.

    I was just responding to the implication of your post that seemed to expressing surprise at to why anyone would have negative views of the BNP or that these were unjustified.

    Like it or not the BNP image is associated with racism and violence that historically at least has been either party policy (racism- I believe a form of Apartheid and compulsory repatriation on the basis of skin colour have been part of official manifestos in the past) or with strong association both via criminal convictions for members or by an increase in racial violence in areas they are active.

    Anyway, I should apologise to AW for making my comment in the first place as I know this is not the forum for such things, but rest assured I am not judging you personally.

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