We’ve seen David Cameron move into the lead amongst Tory party members, now a new Populus poll in tomorrow’s Times has him ahead amongst Tory voters.

At the start of September Populus found that Ken Clarke was the first choice of 55% of Tory voters, with David Davis in second place on 16% and David Cameron trailing behind Malcolm Rifkind with only 3%. On today’s figures David Cameron is joint first choice amongst Tory voters on 33% (up 30) alongside Ken Clarke, also on 33% (down 22). David Davis is third with 12% (down 4*).

The figures amongst all voters echo those of ICM in their weekend poll for the BBC. While Clarke remains ahead on 25%, he is down by 16% while Cameron has moved up to second place with 18% (up from 2% last month). David Davis also gains 2 points amongst all voters, but it still leaves him in third place on 12%.

Voting intention figures from the poll were LAB 40%, CON 30%, LDEM 21%.

(*The Times reports this is David Davis being up four points. However, last month’s Populus figures clearly have him on 16%, so there is a mistake at one end or the other.)

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