The Sun have tweeted out tonight’s YouGov figures and they confirm the UKIP boost we saw in yesterday’s poll. Topline voting intention is CON 27%, LAB 38%, LDEM 11%, UKIP 17%.

The 17 points for UKIP is, obviously, once again their highest. This has a knock on effect for Labour and the Conservatives: the Labour score of 38% is the lowest that YouGov have shown them at for over a year (the last time they were that low was February 2012), the Conservative score of 27% is the lowest YouGov have shown them this Parliament (and, indeed, ever – you have to go back to before YouGov started regular polling in 2002 to find that sort of level of Tory support).

504 Responses to “YouGov/Sun – CON 27, LAB 38, LD 11, UKIP 17”

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  1. i had a child with my ex, but she told me she was on the pill, then I found out she wasn’t, that is not planned, well not on my side. I cant afford to support her. This argument is toxic.

  2. Mark johnson

    “The thing that some people just can’t get their heads round is the fact that if someone ‘chooses’ to have children, isn’t it THEIR responsibilty to bring them up and look after them including the finance side of things – why is it presumed that the tax payer should keep paying out for these kind of things”

    In which case can we remove state pensions from those that irresponsibly chose not to have children

  3. Richard

    Agreed. And you hacve mental problems or are disabled, you get no pension.

    Or you choose to take drugs, so no help for you.

  4. Under PR in the GE 2015….where would UKIP come out, including second preference votes, one wonders?

    I guess we’ll never know….

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