This morning’s YouGov poll for the Sun had topline figures of CON 32%, LAB 40%, LDEM 11%, UKIP 12%. For the time being at least we seem to have settled into a Labour lead of about 8 points in YouGov’s daily polling.

To pick up on another couple of questions from earlier in the week, on the suggestion by Len McCluskey that there should be a general strike, 57% of people said they would oppose a general strike with 27% in support. Naturally large majorities of Conservative and Lib Dem supporters were opposed, amongst Labour supporters 49% said they would support a general strike, 33% were opposed. Ed Miliband has totally dismissed the idea of a general strike and said it would a terrible idea – asked before Miliband commented, 40% of people said that Labour should oppose any such strike, 21% that they should support it, 27% that Labour should remain neutral.

On the same poll, George Osborne continued to be narrowly preferred to Ed Balls as best Chancellor, 29% to 24%. Asked the same question about whether people would prefer George Osborne or Alistair Darling as Chancellor, Darling is narrowly ahead 25% to 29%. The contrast isn’t vast, but obviously Darling does appeal to some parts that Ed Balls does not.

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  1. If the population truly understood the damage that was done by Darling, and weren’t focussing on ‘attack dogs’ at the time. He’d be maybe even less popular than Balls.

  2. @ Carfrew

    I did see that Grand design & you are right, it moved pretty quickly both on the truck & whilst being built.

    And yes, my joke about houses not moving at all (once they are built) was extremely lame.


    @” they were ready to roll”

    I think the big problem was that many weren’t.

    They weren’t funded & the records of what stage they were all at were somewhat confused.

  4. @”hat Grand Designs episode where they brought all the bits for the house over from Germany and built it in a weekend?”

    Huf Haus.

    Timber Frame-very swish -very expensive.

  5. I once watched a grand designs where the Central heating for a modern house out in the country was all done through special centrally heated glass panels, so basically the house had huge pains of glass for windows that had special heat running through it. The only problem was that given the new technology, occasionally one would explode every six months or so.

    I remember thinking that it wouldn’t half make you jump if you were perhaps just drifting off to sleep.

  6. @NEIL A
    “Are UKIP anti-austerity?”

    No chance old chap .

  7. The post-and-beam design in a Huf Haus pre-fab means there are no load-bearing (thus dividing) walls, which allows for enormous flexibility in how you arrange the internal space.

  8. @Rich
    “Did anybody see QT last night? It was quite interesting to see the rather muted and apathetical reaction both the Labour and Conservative representatives were getting to their answers, compared to Farage who often seemed to be getting huge applause. Does this bode well for them in the councils?”

    Unlikely. UKIP are have nowhere near the level of support in the polls that would win them significant numbers of seats purely on the basis of national vote share.

    Of course, if the level of applause on Question Time was an indicator of success during the counties, then we’ll be doing at least as well as they will.

  9. @Amber,

    Interested in what UKIP have to say? Really, really not.

    I am Eurosceptic, but the Tories long ago moved their position at least as far in that direction as I’d want to go.

    I recognise in most UKIPpers everything that made me uneasy about associating with the Conservative Party when I was a youngster (before I had to go apolitical due to my job).

  10. There’s an Independent “exclusive” that people may find interesting:

    “An idyllic hilltop setting in the Cadarache forest of Provence in the south of France has become the site of an ambitious attempt to harness the nuclear power of the sun and stars.

    “It is the place where 34 nations representing more than half the world’s population have joined forces in the biggest scientific collaboration on the planet – only the International Space Station is bigger.

    “The international nuclear fusion project – known as Iter, meaning “the way” in Latin – is designed to demonstrate a new kind of nuclear reactor capable of producing unlimited supplies of cheap, clean, safe and sustainable electricity from atomic fusion.

    “If Iter demonstrates that it is possible to build commercially-viable fusion reactors then it could become the experiment that saved the world in a century threatened by climate change and an expected three-fold increase in global energy demand.”

  11. COLIN
    @” they were ready to roll”
    I think the big problem was that many weren’t.
    They weren’t funded & the records of what stage they were all at were somewhat confused


    You say that but this contrasts with the number of schools that were quite aggrieved at the time that there was a project agreed but which got cancelled.

    There was a bit of a rush to get projects done before Tories got in and cancelled them. Those that didn’t do that risked losing out. A lot of building was getting done whatever you may claim. There was a pretty large cancellation almost as soon as the coalition started. An early snafu as it was so rushed that Gove had to admit he’d got the cancellations wrong.

    There wasn’t exactly a proper assessment of the projects. And given the demand for places they needed something else quick. Which didn’t happen, possibly because he thought Free Schools would take up the slack… only they haven’t…


    It was very quick and organieed which has an appeal. Though on the other hand if we let the Germans do everything we won’t create many jobs for ourselves. We’re starting to use their energy standards to build homes now that are 90% energy efficient or something….

    Anyways, rum beckons. .. have a good evening all…

  13. Anthony Webb

    “If the population truly understood the damage that was done by Darling…….”

    Yes well, that could be considered partisan, totally subjective and rather objectionable.

    Check the posting guideines perhaps?

  14. Anthony Webb
    “If the population truly understood the damage that was done by Darling…….”

    Please go elsewhere if you wish to post partisan posts. The reason people come to this site is because they wish to discuss polling. They do not come for partisan point scoring. There’s plenty other places on the web for that sort of thing. Lets keep this place special !!

  15. yep, silly post about Darling. I am centre right, but thought Darling did a very good job all things considered, and lets remember he was under huge pressure from his own boss as well as the opposition!

  16. @Rich

    No less partisan – and being from centre-right and applauding him doesn’t make it so (like when Blair gets praise from Tories).

  17. @Neil A re the last thread
    Nonsense – I thought exactly the same but couldn’t be arsed correcting it!


    Not much to disagree about in the post, especially agree about one day strikes lack of effectiveness and say you’d support it anyway out of solidarity – although none of it really effects what I said about Miliband and how he needn’t have condemned it but did anyway. Just as likely he’d condemn a more meaningful strike all the more forcefully.

  18. Craig


    “No less partisan – and being from centre-right and applauding him doesn’t make it so (like when Blair gets praise from Tories).”

    The very big difference is that Rich presented his view as both response and opinion – not as a “fact” about specific culpability.

  19. @paulcroft,

    The world has clearly gone mad if you are defending me. lol :-)

    Anyway, time to take a break and watch The Politician’s Husband I recorded from the other night.

  20. Can’t see Galloway attacking EM hurting the latter’s poll ratings. He really comes over appallingly with his gratuitous insults [the former I mean, of course.]

  21. Rich


    “The world has clearly gone mad if you are defending me. lol”

    Money talks Rich – and ta very much by the way.

  22. @Amber

    Fair do’s. I picked up on that wrongly.

  23. @Ken – “Ed Miliband went to the same primary school as Boris Johnson.”

    Fascinating biographical detail. On a visit to his old school Johnson got the name wrong (calling it Princess Road Primary instead of Primrose Hill Primary), showed pupils how to climb on to the roof of the bike shed, recalled his first ever fight (being beaten-up by a girl) and a rôle in the nativity play (deranged robot).

    Given that Boris left there when he was nine (to go Ashdown House Preparatory), when did he start? Didn’t he also leave the European School, Bruxelles at age eight or nine (1973)? Looks like a short term stop-gap while Stanley was in between jobs (European Commission/World Bank).

  24. @Amber (7.44pm)

    That could be the most significant development for decades.

    One question. Where does it leave Zingy?

  25. @ Craig

    …although none of it really effects what I said about Miliband and how he needn’t have condemned it but did anyway. Just as likely he’d condemn a more meaningful strike all the more forcefully.
    I’d prefer to see Ed M work with Labour affiliates. If the TUC are concerned that the public are not aware of the attack on the conditions of their members & the government’s intransigence, then the TUC & Labour should be working together to raise awareness.

    Whilst an internal ‘spat’ over a one day general strike will get attention, I don’t see that it will benefit the TUC & Labour’s joint strategy of seeking increased union representation on boards, commissions etc.

  26. @Rich

    “I remember thinking that it wouldn’t half make you jump if you were perhaps just drifting off to sleep.”

    Or looking out the window.

  27. @ BILLY BOB……….I’m afraid that there are too many middle-class millionaires in politics these days, no room for the skint.

  28. Amber,

    The if starting your last paragraph should read IF. It’s a very big if.

  29. @ RAF

    One question. Where does it leave Zingy?
    Looking like a freshly laid dog pooh with eyes?

  30. I have a comment awaiting moderation so will try again with a slight change.

    Had to laugh earlier this evening. I was watching the news and Cameron was extolling the virtues of the government re the “improved economy etc.” when my wife said, “I wonder when the L*ing King will finish”.

    It took a few seconds before I realised she had said “I wonder when the Lion King will finish” as she was about to leave to see a production of said Lion King.


  31. @ Hal

    Yes, a huge IF for the fusion power. It also glosses over some things. e.g. it uses water & produces helium (how much of each?). I’d have liked to have these things explained in more detail.

  32. Darling/ Balls; Thatcher/ Heath/ Brown/ blair and vice versa….

    The electorate often wants what it cannot have; and knows it cannot have; and therefore likes to suppose if only if might have it all would be well..

    These questions are childlike. They suppose that simple choices based upon personality will resolve the difficult problems. In truth we all know difficult problems are never susceptible to simple solutions, least of all solutions reliant on the quirks of human personality. But their asking induces the childish response that prefers an easy answer. Indeed to some degree the answer is supposed in putting the question in the first place…..

  33. Just got in and seeing the posts about dogs it reminded me of when I was leafleting in the 2010 election I got bib and lost a fingernail.

    When I was telling some mates at my local football club, one of them was a postie and he said whenever he was attacked he would pop back later and drop a couple of bits of Chocolate through the letter box

  34. @Ken

    £1.6 million is the value of the *average* terraced house in Camden as of 2012. Not sure how much Ralph paid for it in 1965, but I think the technical term is “peanuts”.

  35. Amber Star

    Re Fusion power it’s one of those things that seems to be a very good idea, smaller plants producing more power and much safer than conventional nuclear fission plants, as the verious componants used in fusion must work together and if any one fails then fusion will not take place, were as in a fission plant if a component fails their can be catastrophic consequences..
    I think Fusion it was being talked about in the 1950’s but the engineering hasn’t caught up with the verious experiments with Fusion that have since taken place and is not likely to on a commercial scale for some years.
    As usual nature has beaten us to it the sun being a natural fusion reator, sadly so far our one workable reliable use is I believe is as a trigger in hydrogen bombs.

  36. @Ken

    “£1.6 million is the value of the *average* terraced house in Camden as of 2012.”

    You can buy Middlesbrough for half of that.

    If you want.

  37. @BILLY BOB………..You might be interested in the text of Len McCluskey’s, ‘ Ralph Miliband Lecture’ at the LSE in January, it resonates with a couple of controversial political offerings this week. The text is available from various on-line sources if you Google it.

  38. Amber

    The quantities involved would be small. I think current designs for fusion reactors would also use lithium metal, which is much more common than uranium.
    Fusion reactors would also produce radioactive waste, but on a much smaller scale than the fission plants do now.

    …if they can get it to work!

  39. @ PAULCROFT…………I’d have to get my Forex people to find the best rate on the, ‘ JockPoond ‘ by then, at your quoted rate Middlesbro’ would cost me JockPoo. 8Mil…………could be a deal there, do they have Starbucks ?

  40. pAULCROFT…………Blimey, just noticed I’m doin’ meself, Middlesbro’ would only cost me JockPoo 4 mil.

  41. On the Bucks Free Press website tonight there’s one of those dodgy polling thingys asking which party you are intending to vote for on 2nd May. UKIP are on 53% (!) Now wouldn’t that be fascinating if it were real.

    Those 10% Labour leads are coming back soon.

  42. Ken

    For 8 Mill JockPoo [luvvit] I could probably throw in Stockton and Redcar. The river Tees would also be great for your Tiller if you want some excitement.

    Not sure if they have a Starbucks between them: shall I ask?

  43. Sorry – not “excitement”, meant excrement.

  44. Well, maybe a bit of both.

  45. @Ken

    There have been maybe nine “Ralph Miliband” public lectures per year since 1996 at the LSE. Len McCluskey makes his points in his own way… out of respect for his audience and the institution, he quotes Ralph.

    Ed and David have their own relationship with the memory of their father – he reportedly valued their opinions, including the private discussions when they were critical of his theoretical positions.

  46. If any constitute is able to produce a win for UKIP it would be in Bucks all red necks there

  47. @PAULCROFT……..Subject to the usual caveats, and a quick CRB check, you’ve got a deal my friend, I’ll get my brief onto it manana. My style is added value on acquisition, with this in mind I shall launch a fleet, ( small ) of Clippers, locally constructed, with discounted fares for the less fortunate, and that’s just for starters.
    Follow up on the Starbucks estate, could be an angle.

  48. Ken

    I shall begin forging – I mean forwarding – the papers asap if not sooner.

    Don’t s’pose your interested in their footy club??

    ………. Fair enough.

  49. @ BILLY BOB………..Sometimes being saturated with theoretical politics can create more questions than answers, and result in the, ‘paralysis by analysis’ syndrome, all things to all men, ‘ Big Society’ ‘All in it together’ ‘One Nation’ bo**ocks, meaningless guff trotted out by people with no experience of the real world, by the way, did you here what gorgeous George Galloway called Ed M, today ?

  50. ken

    Exciting news !! It will be cheaper if you take the footy team.

    They could be used for young Chelsea players to practice their dribbling skills before they work up to those wooden things – so a win/win situation.

    Re GG – he was obviously hugely offended when EM said he thought his views were awful.

    As I said earlier won’t do Mr M. any harm at all.

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