The monthly ICM poll for the Guardian is out tonight. Topline voting intentions stand at CON 32%(+1), LAB 38%(-1), LDEM 15%(nc), UKIP 9%(+2).

The Labour lead of only six points is significantly lower than other polls are showing (indeed, it’s the lowest we’ve seen since February), but this is due to methodological reasons not some sudden Tory recovery. ICM typically show lower Labour leads and higher levels of Lib Dem support than other companies because of the way they reallocate people who say don’t know to the party they say they voted for last time and weight down the answers of people who didn’t vote last time. The figures are, therefore, pretty much in line with what we’d expect, with the changes from last month’s ICM poll all within the normal margin of error.

308 Responses to “ICM/Guardian – CON 32, LAB 38, LD 15, UKIP 9”

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  1. Does seem to be a lot more insult slinging than usual.

  2. I have one other thought about the funeral costs before I go home from work …

    At some point, Arthur Scargill is going to fall off his perch. Now, I have a lot of problems with Arthur Scargill and I don’t think he’s the working class hero others would have him believe, but I respect the right of other people to their opinions. And I would fully support their right to turn up to his funeral and pay their last respect when the time comes.

    There will almost certainly be enough people intending to come to the funeral that they will line the streets. And at any gathering that big, it will have to be policed. If the gathering is really big, the costs of policing could easily run into six or seven figures. As a taxpayer, I could easily object to my money being spent on this and insist that a low-key private funeral is held instead.

    But I don’t, because I think that would be churlish. Provided the public figure in question wishes to have a public funeral, I will strongly defend the right of people to come and pay their last respects, whether or not I share their political views. How many people objecting the the cost of Thatcher’s funeral on the grounds of cost will also object to a public funeral on the grounds of costs? Not many, I suspect. (And yes, in both cases, the lion’s share of the bill, policing, will be picked up by the taxpayer.)

    If we ever get to the point where an official can turn round and say “No, you can’t pay your last respects to [Deceased public figure], it costs too much,” it will be a very sorry state of affairs. If “it costs too much” is really an excuse for “we didn’t approve of that person’s politics”, that’s even worse.

  3. Did it need a full military turnout?

  4. So Margaret Thatcher had to have a full ceremonial funeral at St Pauls, with all the accompanying pageantry, pomp and circumstance, attended by our monarch, at an eight figure cost met by the Exchequer, because to have done anything else would have been to set a precedent that would deny others a similar treatment?

  5. @Crossbat – “do you think old Clem turned a little in his grave this morning?”

    You turn if you want to.

  6. @Wes,

    Bravo. That made me titter.

  7. @CNS at 4.55pm

    I actually agree with everything you said.

  8. Oh dear doesn’t look good for Miliband, can’t say I’m totally shocked, people just don’t trust him and Ed Balls when it comes to the economy.

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