This morning’s YouGov poll for the Sun has topline figures of CON 32%, LAB 41%, LDEM 11%, UKIP 11%. Looking across the figures for the week there were three polls in a row with UKIP on 12%, a height they had never previously reached with YouGov, suggested that while UKIP did genuinely benefit from the Eastleigh publicity, the effect was pretty minor. Other than that, all remained largely static, with the lead once again sticking within the margin of error of around 10 or 11 points.

I’ve not had chance to look at it properly, but Lord Ashcroft also has a good chunk of polling out on his websitehere, this time segmenting up the Liberal Democrats support.

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  1. @Tingedfringe.

    Reading your psychobabel it seems clear you have no idea what makes me tick. I don’t hate modern society I despise it and have contempt for it. It rarely touches me as I have enough good friends and family and am therefore able to avoid contact with it. I live a very full life which I enjoy enormously and having travelled most of th world i have many many pleasant memories to reflect on. John Pilgrims analysis was so accurate, just the way I feel.

  2. While doing a spot of research on Philip Snowden I came across an article from a Keighley based newspaper which described slums with 25 foot of rubbish piled up against the walls of terrace “homes”. Now Keighley is not going to win a Beauty Spot of the Year Award, but it certainly better than it was in the 1930s. Moral or otherwise, at least we ain’t mucky.

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