Tonight’s polls

I am out tonight, so won’t be around to comment on any polls that appear until either late or, more likely, Sunday morning. Tomorrow’s papers are, however, our first real chance to see some polling on the Leveson report. We can expect to see the usual Opinium poll in the Observer and YouGov’s weekly poll in the Sunday Times – I don’t know of anything else yet, but obviously it is possible.

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  1. Amber

    I’m quite sure that in some schools, the “choice” of representatives is manipulated by those in power!

    It could be argued that such a system introduces pupils as to how political parties pick candidates in the real world. :-)

  2. @ Old Nat

    I was appointed a prefect – then promptly led a prefect’s strike when it was clear that only “middle class” students had been selected. We won.
    Awesome! School days are important; they set the tone for rest of one’s life. I congratulate you on a significant achievement; getting prefects to go on strike could not have been easy! I well remember that most of the selected prefects were nice, middeclass kids who wouldn’t say boo! to a teacher.

  3. ‘Public titillation’ is NOT the same as ‘public interest’!

  4. ROGEREBEL………….Did you read RICHARD IN NORWAY’s comment at the top of this thread ? :-)

  5. @ Old Nat

    It could be argued that such a system introduces pupils as to how political parties pick candidates in the real world.
    LOL :-) For sure, the structure is just like a CLP. There must be a chairman & a secretary to take notes of meetings etc. It is a copy of the style of 1960s corporate governance which became the standard for political parties too; also adopted were the corporate selection processes; carefully designed to democratically elect the pre-chosen candidate.

  6. @ Paul Croft

    You missed one- now I’m not sure if you got the joke or not!

  7. Ken

    After reading it why did you do it.

  8. How many signatures together with high profile celebrities will be needed to get Cameron to change his mind over press regulation.
    Is it necessary for those signatories to have read the Leveson report or know what the actual regulations would be or just proceed on the obvious knowledge that people were deeply upset and hurt by a small section of the press intruding in there lives.
    Personally I think knee jerk regulation led by victims is a bad thing which can be regretted at a later stage and as far as the press is concerned unnecessary as the majority of the press do a good job holding the rich and powerful to account and are governed by existing criminal and libel laws.
    And in the end regulation is pretty pointless the paper press is gradually disappearing and the papers will gradually migrate to the unregulated internet all regulation will do is hasten this process.

  9. @ Ken

    AMBER STAR and fellow JKR fan-club members, I admire your loyalty…
    Sadly, I cannot return the compliment; I feel that on this issue your loyalty, to David Cameron & the UK press in general, is misplaced.

  10. @Ken

    People have rights, and turning around and saying “they asked for it” or “they stoked the fire” doesn’t make things better, it makes it worse. Rupert Murdoch has the right to conduct his business as he pleases within the law, so Cable was in the wrong. Rowling and Charlotte Church has the right to a family life, so when the press picks on their families, they are in the wrong. I have issues with the abandonment of Leveson, but Fraser Nelson is right: sometimes life is simple. People have rights and responsibilities: if everybody just remembers that, things turn out OK…


    …but having said that, gratuitous use of the grocer’s’ apostrophe is punishable by death. Please report to your nearest recycling centre at your earliest convenience.


  11. Amber

    Most of us worked in the fishyards in the summer holidays back then.

    Organising people wasn’t hard, as I had negotiated a wage rise for us the previous summer – from 11.5d per hour to 11.75d per hour!

    A 2.2% rise meant I had no future as a Union negotiator. :-(

  12. NickP
    The freedom to publish without state interference?
    Freedom of expression- The reason Marx and so many others fled to these shores. Because he could write and publish, ‘A spectre is haunting Europe..’, without fear of being banged up?
    That means all the nasty stuff that goes with it – as long as they don’t libel and their methods aren’t intrusive. [1]
    Not that this is about freedom of expression really, but it’s an important right to defend.

    Amazing how I can be stuck defending freedom on one side and fighting ‘she asked for it, guv’ on the other.

    [1] To clarify – if someone sleeps with a celebrity and sells her story, that is okay to publish. Hacking phones and bribing officials aren’t, and that’s why they’re illegal.

  13. It is so transparent that neither Colin or Ken have discussed the point of my earlier post in which I point out the possible dangers to Cameron from the widely reported criticism of Cameron by JKR and OTHERS. Nor have they debated any of the substance of the subsequent posts by many others.

    They could have responded with “I see your point” or I disagree because……..” But no, instead we have ad hominen attacks on JKR’s motives [but, of course, not on those who suffered real tragedy who have additionally requested a petition be signed]

    Then, in response to serious arguments we have the snidey “I admire your loyalty” with silly smilies and the clear implication that they are somehow “right” – yet with not a single point offered to make the case.

    As Alec would say: “risible.”

  14. PAULCROFT………….I don’t think we’re that far apart on the issues discussed, I don’t respond to every point since most people on here object to my posts, anyway, AW will simply consign me to the naughty step when I overstep the mark. :-)

  15. Ken:

    “not that far apart”

    Well, that is very hard to tell since you haven’t actually made any points, reserving your time for attacks on JKR’s motives instead.

  16. AMBER STAR……….I would defend to the death, your right to hold that opinion. :-)

  17. KEN

    But whose death? ;-)

  18. Ken:

    The image of you with a tiny, shiny sword “defending to the death” Amber’s right to disagree with you just won’t materialise.

    Which is a shame.

  19. PAUL CROFT…………You do seem rather obsessed with JKR’s discomfort, but she’ll get over it.
    As to the impact on the polls, we’ll see, then we have something tangible, anticipating polling results is usually a zero sum game, I’ll wait and see. :-)

  20. OLDNAT………..Did you enjoy the sight of a rampant England destroying the, ‘ unbeatable ‘ All Blacks, today ? :-) :-)

  21. KEN

    Didn’t see the game, but I gather that England were very impressive (as they would have to have been).

  22. ken


    oh dear, there you go again.

    Really great point again though – did you used to do debating professionally or are you naturally brilliant? “She’ll get over it” is original, pithy, brilliant and ……………… oh soddit, my irony is running out.


    @”It is so transparent that neither Colin or Ken have discussed the point of my earlier post in which I point out the possible dangers to Cameron from the widely reported criticism of Cameron by JKR and OTHERS.”

    Sorry old son-don’t always see a purpose in responding to your posts.

    Presume your after a response to this ?:-

    “Second BBC news headline was JK Rowling on Cameron. Very negative and combined with all the others I just don’t see this going well for him.”

    …… what’s the question?

  24. KEN

    Incredible result.

    Don’t pay the Diggers Shilling for sport, so breathlessly awaiting highlights on the Beeb at 7pm.

  25. PAULCROFT…………..Indeed it is, my point was that she’ll get over it, but, of course you’re trapped by your diminishing irony, and won’t. :-)

  26. Colin:

    “Sorry ‘old son’ don’t always …. respond to your posts”

    Again, brilliant, cutting stuff and jolly well done.

    Oh! ……. except of course that you DID respond, and almost immediately, missing the bits about possible polling effects that I pondered [what the site is largely about of course] and instead impugning JKR’s motives for expressing her disappointment – a disappointment shared by people who have had their daughters kidnapped and murdered, people who have been wrongly accused of murder themselves and so on and so on.

    Sometimes Colin its best to shut up or simply admit you are in the wrong.

    I won’t hold my breath though.

  27. I’m off to a fundraiser which Kez is hosting tonight. Owen Jones is expected to be there so I’d bet on it being packed to the rafters!

  28. Finally, a poll.
    Lab 38, Con 29, Lib 9, UKIP 13

    Source- M Smithson


    That`s a worrying poll for the Tories.UKIP clearly are getting the greatest chunk of their vote from them.

  30. ambereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:

    Who is Kez? I thought it was a buzzard or a budgie or something – how does it do hosting?


    What a touchy chap you are Paul.

    It wasn’t intended to be “cutting”. It was a statement of my feeling, in explaining to you why I didn’t respond to your statement that JKR’s intervention would be bad for DC.

    Sometimes you really do perceive sleights which don’t exist.

    However-as to your point.

    Do I think JKR’s remarks will make things “go badly” for DC?-I don’t know, but look forward to the Polls which AW mentioned to see how opinion in general lies on the topic of Leveson.

    I didn’t “impugne” her motives. I expressed mock surprise that a significant Labour supporter would disagree with DC on this topic.( or any topic)

    As to her personal grievances, I have just read an account of her submission to Leveson . Ihadn’t been familiar with it.

    She admits to being “sensitive” about the Press & her privacy-having made over 50 complaints to PCC.
    Specifically she outlined various uninvited photographs of her daughter, and being harassed by paparazzi.

    I can understand perfectly well that she feels upset over these incidents. Many people in the public eye have to cope with the long lens & the doorstep vigil.

    It must be wearing & some cope with it better than others .

    For JKR , privacy seems very very important-particularly where her children are concerned.

    I trust that you now feel that I have done justice to your post?

  32. @ Croftee,

    My apologies for the local speak; Kez = Kezia Dugdale, she’s an MSP.

  33. PAUL replied in detail to your post.

    It’s in mediation for some reason.

    Will try again later if it doesn’t get released.

  34. Observer/Opinium
    Lab 38, Con 29, Lib 9, UKIP 13

    So, Lab -1, Con -3 Lib +1

    Disaffected Tories & don’t knows beginning to choose UKIP to register their protest against the established Parties?

  35. Tories drop below the critical 30% that is not a good sign for them!

  36. Good Evening All.

    Abysmal Wales.

    Opinium looks to be low, imo, for the tories and for labour, high for LD and UKIP.

    Next poll will indicate.

  37. Colin:

    Automod is the thin end of very nasty wedge. It means that just your name triggers disapproval.

    Next the tabloid press will be hounding you and making up lies about you: headlines such as

    >>>>>>”COL IS A REALLY NICE BLOKE”<<<<<<<


    I did warn you.

  38. COLIN:

    Mediation? or Meditation or Moderation?

  39. +1% for the LibDems…

    The fightback and recovery has started….


  40. UKIP are showing spectacular growth, up 3 in the last fortnight. For the past two years UKIP have roughly doubled their poll standings from 3 percent in ’10, 7 percent in ’11 to 13 percent now. My fingers are crossed for twenty six percent next year. I think this is more than a protest vote, the media seems to be ignoring one key factor in this 100 percent year on year rate of growth: their policies. They are the common centre ground that polling shows the majority agree with on things like immigration, education, taxation, defence, energy, and the EU. Seems to me that a party growing this fast when the public agree with them rather than an out of touch establishment (LibLabCon) has the potential to upset the apple cart. I’m really curious how quickly the Tory number drops if say they reach twenty two and UKIP reach twenty? They’ll have lost their entire argument (scare tactic) regarding “vote UKIP get Labour”. Anyone have any ideas at what number UKIP will begin to be seen as the more viable conservative party?

  41. It’s all gone a bit twitter-esque on here again which usually suggests that the Tories are in some degree of trouble! When things get grim for them, their supporters have a habit of playing the man rather than the ball.

    The rot set in on the last thread when some clown started to talk about Harridan Harperson (Harriet Harman for those without degrees in cutting wit) and, sadly, it’s gone a bit downhill ever since.

    I wonder when Fatty Pang will make a reappearance.

  42. Rare Northern Ireland VI poll.

    “there is scant evidence of the cross-community voting which DUP leader Peter Robinson hoped for in his recent speech to the DUP conference. Just one per cent of Catholics vote for his party, while two per cent of Protestants vote Sinn Fein.”

    DUP 30% : SF 26.4% : SDLP 13.5% : Alliance 11.6% : UUP 11.4%

  43. Dear Mr Crossbat,

    In the interests of fairness may I point out that “Ms” Harman DID call wotsisname a ginger rodent so its ok to be rude to her – apparently.

    Since the whole thread will be deleted when ole Anthony staggers back tonight none of this will matter much in the long run, short run or even the medium run, and certainly not at all once we are dead.

    So I may as well add that right wingers probably can’t help being smug and self righteous.

  44. Jim

    In our system the %’s fall apart at GE’s. All that matters is the number of MP’s.

    I don’t think it will change and if ever there is a referendum on Europe, unless Europe is given a vote, we will be staying in.

    Which will rather scupper UKIP.

  45. OLD NAT. Good Evening Headmaster. Still in the game I am, 105th term nearly done.

    SF and the SDLP, rudely called stoop down low party are not far behind the UUP and DUP.

    The SDLP seem to be picking up a little in the Six Counties.

    It must be calling for them having read ‘The Secret History of the IRA’ by Ed Moloney which points to high level, very high level of collusion by Sinn Fein leaders with the Briish security forces, while at the same time SDLP men and women suffered so badly at the hands of the extreme republicans.

  46. Dear Anthony:

    As you will be dead cross by the time you reach this point, may I point out that:

    1/ I posted on the previous thread that I felt Cameron was sincere in his reservations re the press and official bodies.

    2/ Posted at the beginning of this thread that comments on the news by JKR and others will probably impact on his poll numbers.

    All that follows has just been a defence of JKR’s position, and not just by me. Whilst your regular admonitions not to respond to such partisan posts are no doubt correct, the problem is that when one does NOT they invariably remain unpleasantly in place and UN-answered.


    ps Hope you had a nice evening.

  47. Paul Croft, I’m aware of how our system works, but once both are at twenty percent nationally, do the Tories really have any better cance at an MP than UKIP? Likely not. Then I wonder how many wavering Tories rally behind UKIP in an effort to unite the right.

    We will most definitely be staying in Europe, unless continental drift accelerates and we break off. Regarding the political union of the EU, I think we will be leaving quite easily given two thirds want out. Socialists only want us in because they knew the only way to make this country socialist was to take away democracy, quelle surprise! It didn’t work, we’re still a conservative capitalist country at heart. People are voting for UKIP for many reasons, not just EU.

  48. CHRISLANE1945

    Good Evening to you. Seemed pointless to correct SoCal’s promoting me (and using an inappropriate gender determined term to boot!), since he actually just wanted information.

    Did you see the other article in the BT suggesting that younger age groups were much less divided by the sectarian factor?

    Perhaps not much evidence for that in this poll – though one would need to see the tables.

  49. Jim:

    Despite the silly “socialist” rhetoric the reality is that business, banking and mot politicians wish to remain part of the EU. The public will fall in with this in any referendum.

    Its best not to simply believe the stuff you want to be true – you end up being disappointed.

    Re “Col’s a nice bloke” headline. – a sort of reverse joke but I’m sure he is actually.

  50. Chris Lane,now Chris,please explain your reference to”abysmal Wales”.I know it is very wet here but it is not that bad!

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