ComRes’s monthly telephone poll for the Independent has topline figures of CON 35%(+2), LAB 42%(-2), LDEM 10%(-2), UKIP 6%(+1). As with the ICM poll earlier this month, that 6% for UKIP doesn’t look that high compared to the levels of support they register in online polls, but is high by the standards of ComRes’s telephone polls.

The rest of the poll had questions showing people agreeing that Britain should stay in the European Union by 46% to 45% and, um, agreeing that Britain should pull out of the EU and maintain close trading links by 54% to 36%. Other than another lesson on why you should be very careful in interpreting questions asked as agree/disagree statements (imagine how differently someone could interpret this poll if only one of those questions had been asked), the reason is probably mostly to do with people wanting to stay in the EU because of trading links and therefore being happy to say they’d leave if they thought it was possible to maintain trading links outside the EU.

We are also still due a Populus poll for the Times this month. So far I haven’t heard or seen any sight of it.

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  1. @Nick

    Yes, like him or hate him he can be a genius with a cricket bat in his hand.

  2. Well the EU took a big turn in the mid 80s to try to boost their economies via a single market. Remember the Single European Act? And perhaps more significant, who it was from the UK who signed it?

    That was the start of the transformation. And at every step of the way the European Parliament has gained powers. So the ‘democratic deficit’ has been reduced as each new treaty has come into effect.

    I really do fail to see what is so bad about Europe. We have so much trade with them, and the EU is a larger market than the US, so treating it as a whole it is arguably the most important global economy there is. The US is so successful because it is one economy, and the EU is clearly trying to achieve something similar.

    The only reason that I can see why people oppose it is because it promotes much better social conditions for workers. Is limiting working hours such a bad thing? Or do you impose low wages on workers and force them to work long hours?

    Strange, these help us all, yet we seem so set against!

  3. AL URQA
    “I really do fail to see what is so bad about Europe”
    See my post and STATGEEK’s – at heart the concern with the EU is with whether it is working, whether it is correctly structured, and whether it uses the funds provided to it effrectively and to our and the rest of Europe’s benefit – i.e. it is with the need for reigning in a profligate spending machine and reforming it, with better direction towards economic efficiency and less towards poorly researched subsidisation. Incidentally, when the CAP was decided, under lybbying primarily from France and sourthern European states, Fraance had 6% of its work force in agriculture, while we had less than 2% – not sure where we stand now, but I;ll look it up, if STATGEEK doesn’t.

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