The weekly YouGov poll for the Sunday Times is online here – topline figures are CON 33%, LAB 44%, LDEM 9%, UKIP 8% – all very much in line with the usual picture. I haven’t had chance to go through the ad hoc questions, this week covering the BBC and tax avoidance, but there are a couple of interesting findings in the regular trackers.

On the leader ratings David Cameron is on minus 17 (from minus 16 last week), Ed Miliband is on minus 21 (from minus 18 last week). It’s worth noting that both of them seem to have consolidated the increases they got from their party conferences. Prior to the Tory party conference David Cameron’s ratings were pretty consistently in the negative mid-twenties, since the conference they have been pretty steady in the negative mid-to-high teens. Ed Miliband’s ratings pre-conference were also in the negative mid-twenties and while they have declined from the immediate post-conference peak, they seem to be settling in the negative high-teens/low-twenties.

While there does appear to have been a real change in the party leader approval ratings, the same can’t be said for the economic trackers. We saw an increase in the percentage of people thinking their economic circumstances after the GDP figures came out last month and for a brief period the public were the most optimistic they’d been for two years. It has not lasted – the economic trackers are back to the sort of pessimism we saw before the GDP figures. Asked how they see the economy, 38% think things are still getting worse, 35% think things have stopped getting worse, but there is no sign of any recovery, 21% think there are signs of recovery, just 2% think that the economy is on the way to full recovery.

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    Aldgate East is definitely in Bethnal Green and Bow. The station is split between Whitechapel and Spitalfields & Banglatown wards and neither of those are in Poplar & Limehouse.

  2. @akmd

    Thanks, you are quite right. Cable Street/St George in the East/Ratcliffe Highway would be over the border in Poplar & Limehouse.

    “Ma good proportion of the population weren’t interested in politics and, more to the point, were never likely to be. Whilst that is a disturbing conclusion to draw for someone like me who is semi-obsessed with politics, I have to conclude that, sadly, it is almost certainly true.’
    Why sadly? If people vote for the partly which seems likely to keep them in a job, or defend their pension, or stop the banks ripping them off, that is surely what politics was invented for?

    PAUL CROFT Square pigs.
    Re an EU referendum what do we think people would be voting about: keeping the British financial responsibilities out of the Greek dissolvency; reforming the Commission: reforming CAP; retaining 30 years of working and women’s rights reform under the never forgotten Social Charter?
    Or none of the above, since they haven’t the foggiest what the EU does?

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