Nadine in the jungle

Having written last week about the way that political trivia gets far more political coverage than hard politics it feels almost remiss of me not to have mentioned this YouGov polling from the middle of last week (indeed, if it wasn’t for the BBC management’s rapid implosion it would probably be the big political news still – sigh).

Anyway, for the record 77% of people thought it was wrong for Nadine Dorries to appear on “I’m a Celebrity” compared to 11% who thought it was the right decision. 73% thought the Conservatives were right to suspend her from the party until she explains her decision.

(For those appalled by such triviality, fear not, I am sure there will be polling on the BBC along before too long, and on Thursday we have some proper elections, albeit, not ones we’ve had much real polling on. More on those in the coming days)

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  1. The 18-24 break is based on a sample of just 63, so it’s MOE is 12-13% on a perfect sample, which this isn’t.

    The Scotland result looks odd too (though doubtless I’m completely wrong and Nat will soon tell me so). But most notable is the 2010 voters break, where the regular small overall Labour gain from the Tories has been reversed. Can’t see a reason for that which is simpler than random variation. Occam’s razor.

  2. @Socal

    “I think I would enjoy hanging out with a British MP. Well the right British MP. Like if I ever saw one randomly walking down the street or in my favorite restaurant or maybe getting a facial at my favorite spa, I’d be excited.”

    If I saw the ‘right’ British MP in my favourite spa, I’d be completely flabbergasted. You have more that one spa? I don’t have one at all. Must be a California thing. :P

    Not Dorries though. Perhaps Esther McVey if I was lonely. Perhaps Dennis Skiner if I fancied a pint. Michael Gove, if I was in the mood for a debate on education (I so rarely am in such a mood) :) .

  3. Looks like an outlier to me. There is no way that the Labour vote has fallen that sharply for no particular reason. The age-related cross-sectional breaks indicate that it’s just a duff poll.

  4. i don’t believe the BBC is biased at all.

    [Snip – AW]

  5. I’m finding the desperation from some quarters to smear Tom Watson to be rather distasteful.

    Obviously many people want to settle scores both political and in business for his work on phone-hacking, and it’s quite clear what the agenda is here.

  6. SoCalLiberal

    I thought it was an interesting article but yes I do agree it’s just some pesky bad tempered Republicans spitting the dummy out of the pram. :)

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