Ipsos MORI have published their quarterly Scottish political monitor for the Times, full results are here.

Voting intention for the Holyrood constituency vote stands at CON 13%(+1), LAB 35%(+3), LDEM 8%(+2), SNP 40%(-5). Alex Salmond also continues to have a positive approval rating as First Minister, with 50% satisfied with the way he is doing his job and 40% disatisfied (in comparing Salmond with the other party leaders in Scotland the most notable thing is the different levels of don’t knows – only 9% had no opinion on Salmond, the next lowest was Johann Lamont who 34% of people had no opinion on. It’s not a surprise – Salmond has been a major figure in Scottish politics for decades while Lamont, Rennie and Davidson have all been in office for less than 18 months – but striking none-the-less).

On the Scottish referendum question amongst those certain to vote in a referendum YES is on 30%, NO is on 58%. In the three waves of the MORI Scottish monitor since the new question was announced there has been a clear movement towards NO – from an 11 point NO lead in January, to 20 points in June, to 28 points now.

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  1. @Amber Star

    Findings by the Media Standards Trust would suggest we (or rather our media) are very incurious about ‘abroad’. International news coverage has shrunk by 40% (1979-2010).
    We know about the absolute preponderance of negativity towards the EU… the press don’t even know that the ECHR is a separate institution. Doesn’t concern about immigration also tend to be exacerbated during a recession?

    We have seen how attacks on the disabled have increased recently. Goverment only needs to insert the word *genuinely* before every mention for the signal to be sent out.

    What kind of country are we? Apologies, but we are the kind of country which needs to learn to suck it up for a change, instead of habitually spewing bile.

  2. @ Colin

    Don’t be sad-I’m never sad at your glee
    Thank you! And I’m glad I never make you sad. :-)

  3. AMBER

    No never :-)

    ……….tv kickingly, mousemat chewingly, fword screamingly headbangingly , mental ?


  4. @ Colin

    ROFLOL. :-)

  5. Colin:

    Well basically because you’re thicker-skinned than the other resident “rightie” and can take a what the Scots call a “wee bit-o’-banter”.

    Talking of which, come the revolution with an Indy Scotland in NATO, will they have a sign saying:

    “In the event of war please note that the nuclear weapons are dooon sooooth wor Laird Snooty lives.”

  6. Amber
    In terms of the left being sillier who am I to argue.

  7. @ Turk

    Yay, we’ve found something about which we can agree. :-)

  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-19997789

    Fascinating, especially the section on different approaches to “the truth”.

  9. Tweets from Mike Smithson:

    LAB lead up 4 in ComRes online for IoS and S Mirror: CON 33% (-2) LAB 41% (+2) LD 10% (0) UKIP 9% (+1)

    ComRes online: EdM extends to 10% his net ComRes leadership ratings lead over Cameron

    ComRes online: Dave “turning out to be a good PM – Agree 29% (+2 since Aug 2012) Disagree 50% (-4)

    ComRes online:EdM “turning out to be a good LAB leader” Agree 29% (+4 since Aug 2012) Disagree 40% (-5)

  10. So the last COMRES(35/39) clearly was an outlier…Mike Smithson also reports Ed/Ed have same ratings as Dave/George on the economy

  11. PAUL


  12. Colin @ JBD

    ”Why does it have anything to do with Westminster?”

    It doesn’t. It is an example of how different the environment in Scotland is.

    Yet we still get he same solutions designed for the south, and even if they make sense there they don’t in a rural area.

    The big two parties think the only rural issue is hunting with dogs.

    We had DC pop across the border to tell us how the Scottish parliament should copy the education initiatives in England.

    He didn’t say how many faith schools, academies and free schools we should have in this constituency with 26 islands.

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