Lord Ashcroft has commissioned a poll in Corby ahead of the by-election (while he doesn’t say, Ashcroft’s fieldwork in constituency polls is normally carried out by Populus). The full tabs are online here.

Topline voting intention in Corby is CON 37% (down 5 from the election), LAB 52% (up 13), LD 7% (down 8), Others 4%(down 1). This equates to a swing from Conservative to Labour of 9 points, the equivalent of an eleven point national lead. With a comfortable fifteen point lead Labour shouldn’t have any particular problem taking the seat.

There were also some specific questions on Louise Mensch. 35% of people agree she was a good local MP, 29% of people disagree. 82% of people agreed she was entitled to put her desire for a better family life ahead of continuing as an MP, but equally 65% of people think she should have thought through how she would balance family life and life as an MP before standing for Parliament.

158 Responses to “Ashcroft poll shows Labour 15 points ahead in Corby”

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  1. No surprise to see the new together team-working England bat so well now they’ve dropped that trouble maker who could only manage 149 against the weak SA attack last time. Sacked for sending private texts that nobody knows what they said. Oh, and being Pieterson.

    They’ve managed to self destruct. Swann and Broad suddenly revealed as petty backstabbers.

    Let’s see how the two batsmen they brought in to replace him do. About as well as the noble Strauss I expect.

    The first time in my life, I hope England lose.

  2. Couldn’t disagree more.

    He ( self admittedly) sent texts which were derogatory of his skipper & team mates.
    And he sent them to the team’s opponents.

    He is a big head-and it gets bigger, when he occasionally plays well.

    Team spirit must come first or you just have a circus team of egotists.

  3. Let’s hope Bell and Bairstow can play as well as him.

  4. Bell 58
    Bairstow 72 no

  5. Looks like a very interesting test match ahead with a result wicket, will help me forget the start of the football season which should begin in September!! I would not expect any significant poll boost from it though for major parties….

  6. I came on here to read about Corby but found a cricket discussion instead. Luckily I’m a bit of a cricket fan so it doesn’t matter.

  7. Has anyone inspected Stauss or Flower’s phone to see if they said anything derogatory about Pietersen? Did anyone look in Swann’s outbox to see what he thought about being dropped at Headingly?

    I cannot understand why someone complaining about a colleague in a private conversation is so sinful. So sinful that even an unconditional apology was not accepted.

    The real foe here is the rat in the ECB who keeps leaking all of Pietersen’s comments/negociations.

  8. Two Labour leaflets this week, and its only Tuesday.

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