The YouGov daily poll for the Sun remains pretty much rock steady around an average Labour lead of 9-10 points. Following a ten point Labour lead yesterday today’s figures are CON 34%, LAB 43%, LDEM 10%, UKIP 6%.

YouGov also put out a big post-Olympics poll earlier today. I’m not going to go through it in detail – the big picture remains that people overwhelmingly think that the Olympics was a great success.

53 Responses to “YouGov/Sun – CON 34, LAB 43, LD 10, UKIP 6”

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  1. JBD:

    I dunno but am not keen on discussing funeral repercussions until someone is dead.

    The only sensible system is one person – one vote. All else is bonkers.

    I am scared of an independent Scotland simply because it may lead to a permanent Tory England/Wales/NI even though there will STILL be a majority who don’t want it.

  2. NICKP
    If your premises include a cage, you can rattle it; perhaps you could do further work on this useful metaphor?
    Two major voter groups I think you haven’t included – interrelated but with similar interests – are TU members and similar affiliates, e.g. Coop members, and public sector, especially local government employees.
    Both are relevant to the question of whether EM and the LP have economic policies which will be a factor between now and the GE. Contributors to this blog who think there aren’t any need to keep an eye both on specific comments of TU leaders, especially in the public sector, on proposals which they are sharing with the LP for the employment market and job creation, infrastructural investment, industrial and commercial credit, research and skills development, and on reports on their participation in LP policy planning going on for the past 2 years.

    The UKIP vote at Corby could be a classic response to specific policy statements by the candidate, especially, for example, on trade, jobs outsourcing and on aid spending.
    The budget allocation for aid is an absurdity and calls for radical and incisive reform. In a context of widening wealth and land disparity in the ldc’s, the entrenchment of a generation of UN remittance men, ludicrous overspending on US militarily directed funding to Afghanistan without the option of buying up the opium crop, and a budget which exceeds that of the Home Office policing and anti-terrorist program, it is well beyond time for a halt to indiscriminate funding of aid, and a change of strategy towards one which demands proven quality and benefits.
    The question for me is whether EM and the Labour Party have the nous and courage to defy the cloudcuckooland 0.7 enacted into law by DC, before UKIP beat them to it.

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