Tonight’s YouGov poll for the Sunday Times has topline figures of CON 32%, LAB 44%, LDEM 10%, UKIP 8%. While it’s within the margin of error of the 9-10 point Labour leads that YouGov have been showing of late, it is the largest Labour lead they’ve shown for a good month, and follows a week when we saw three eleven point Labour leads. One should be very careful about reading too much into small movements in polls, but it’s worth keeping an eye on.

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  1. @ Scotswaehae

    “Incidentally; Olympic Gold medals per million people: CHN: 0.14 GER: 0.61 USA: 0.66 FRA: 1.07 KOR: 1.23 GBR: 1.33. I’m happy to call it a win for us.”

    I think that’s a silly statistic. I don’t dismiss the medals that China or India wins because their populations are so far larger than the U.S. Medals are medals. (Of course, I give great credit to silvers and bronzes, especially in sports that aren’t a nation’s traditional strength).

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