Tonight’s YouGov poll for the Sun has topline figures of CON 33%, LAB 44%, LDEM 9%, UKIP 7% , so very much in the normal range of YouGov’s recent polling.

We are also due the monthly ComRes poll for the Independent tonight, but so far they have only press released a question on the Olympics, so I’m not sure whether or not the voting intention figures will be released tonight or held over. The Olympic question ComRes asked found 50% of people agreed that it was worth the money being spent it, up from 40% when the question was last asked in March.

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  1. RAF

    True – although I’m always inclined to dislike categorising the view of a political party (even the Tories) by the leader’s pronouncements.

    Might be fun if some LD leaders had indicated “Don’t tell anyone, but we’ll go along with that in private!” :-)

  2. I have to say, opposed to independence but super pro-devo, that Scotland taking the lead on gay marriage says the best about this country. Bravo to AS.


    Note my comment above about not attributing everything to the leader!

  4. @OldNat

    You jest, but i’m sure not all LDs agreed with CK. Im fact, I pretty sure a few objected with a few more uneasy about being marginalised. It was a very bold position to take for a major UK party (I know AS did the same but CK had more to lose).

  5. Good point; but everyone in the UK supports rather than opposes this policy. I think SNP leadership and SLAB/SLD cooperation has pushed it further than Mr Cameron…

  6. @OldNat
    Re: last night. I think you might like who the BBC website has at No.21 on the Medals table

  7. Is it possible there might be a leadership challenge after the Olympics? This article in the Telegraph seems to indicate some people are busy stirring.

    “Boris is unstoppable, and now Murdoch wants him to lead the Tory party”.


    Not everyone! Though the polling did suggest that the margin in favour of legislating for equal marriage was a bit higher in Scotland than in England & Wales, I don’t know that it is that significant.

    I doubt that the same holds true in Northern Ireland, where abortion is still determined by 1861 and 1929 Westminster legislation, and Government ministers argue in favour of creationism being taught in their schools.

  9. RAF

    Well the BBC is the state broadcaster. What else would you expect than they carry out that role! :-)

  10. @OLDNAT

    Apologies, I misspoke (mistyped?) I meant a majority of course!

    Re leadership changes: let’s not forget Mrs Thatcher, Mr Major… it’s a lot more common for speculation to lead to nowt than owt!

  11. Alex,

    “…opposed to independence but super pro-devo… “

    Did you see this piece in today’s Scotsman Alex?

    ‘No third option may encourage Labour supporters to vote Yes’

    “… Labour supporters being driven into the arms of the pro-independence cause if voters are denied the chance of a second question on more powers in the referendum and simply asked to chose between the status quo and a break with the UK.

    There’s a significant body of opinion within Scottish Labour that wants Holyrood to be handed enhanced economic powers to allow the pursuit of policies linked to the redistribution of wealth and greater social justice.

    As things stand it’s hard to see how the current devolution settlement would allow the pursuit of such an agenda.

    A particularly vocal supporter of this stance has been the Labour MSP Neil Findlay – one of the most impressive of the party’s new intake at the last election.

    Mr Findlay is not likely to come out for the Labour for independence campaign, but former Scottish Labour chairman Bob Thomson has said that if he was “pushed into a corner” in a straight yes-no question on whether Scotland should remain in the UK, he would back independence.”

    How about yourself Alex? If there is no third “Devo Max” question (and I don’t think there will be), how will you vote? Yes or No?

  12. Am I alone in thinking that Devo Max sounds like a 1970s carpet ?

  13. Alex, “I think SNP leadership and SLAB/SLD cooperation has pushed it further than Mr Cameron”

    I thought that there was significant Scottish Tory support for gay marriage too? Eg. surely their leader Ruth Davidson is a supporter of gay marriage?

    Credit where credit is due: the Scottish Tories do occasionally show a surprising liberal streak.

  14. Latest YouGov/The Sun results 31st July – CON 34%, LAB 42%, LD 10%, UKIP 6%; APP -33

  15. Lab ahead in every age group including 60+ and ahead everywhere…except “rest of the South”.

  16. 34%, 42%, 10%, 6%; APP -33

    MIchael Phelps awsome-greatest Olympian ever-a gentleman.

    Women’s Hockey is absolutely great-GB team terrific.

    Women’s Soccer is great-“genuine” , unlike Giggs & his unsavoury crew. Hope the men get slung out & the women win a medal.

  17. John Murphy: “devo max” sounds more like a pervert to me.

    Its certainly not an attractive name.


    I have no idea where you shopped for carpets in the 70s. However, since that was the era in which fitted carpets were coming in, there may be an analogy.

    While it doesn’t fit everyone, Devo Max fits more than the other options at the moment.

    The status quo linoleum border is the least popular, of course.

  19. Colin: what have the man done?

  20. About the German electoral system: It’s important to understand that, although there are FPTP-constituencies and the parties set up state lists, the German system is a PR system on the federal level. Simply put, if a party that wins, say, a third of the vote (there are 598 seats) and wins 100 single-member-constituencies (out of 299), the 100 winners in the constituencies get seats and 100 other MPs are chosen from lists.
    About the Pirates: Nope, they’re not ready for government (yet?). No capable people, no coherent platform. Maybe in the future. Not now.

  21. Oldnat @ ALEX HARVEY

    “Note my comment above about not attributing everything to the leader!”

    Or anything perhaps. He is the conductor of the orchestra, btut the way to get a good result is to pick good players.

    Harold Macmilan’s problem was that they either they were’t available, or he wasn’t good at picking them.

    What’s changed?

  22. Alex Harvey

    “Good point; but everyone in the UK supports rather than opposes this policy. I think SNP leadership and SLAB/SLD cooperation has pushed it further than Mr Cameron…”

    The two parties you DON’T mention have openly gay leaders.

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