There are two new polls out tonight. The daily YouGov poll for the Sun has topline figures of CON 33%, LAB 42%, LDEM 9%, UKIP 8%, so after an eleven point lead yesterday we are back into the middle of the normal nine to ten point lead that YouGov have averaged around for the last month or so.

Secondly there is a new poll from TNS BMRB, conducted over the last three days, which has topline figures of CON 30%(-2), LAB 42%(+2), LDEM 11%(+1), Others 17%(-1). Changes are from their last poll in June.

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  1. @OldNat

    The show ain’t over yet. That’ll be at the end, when Christ. Mohammed, and Buddha tunnel up thru the vaulting horse aided by Robin Hood.

    Sue Barker has just pointed out that Kyrgyzstan is the only competing nation with only one vowel in its name. She really isn’t paid enough

    Regards, Martyn

  2. Is London copying Beijing?

    Twitter reports about the Met arresting lots of protesters on bicycles.

  3. Martyn

    Are you sure that’s Sue Barker? The vowel sounds seem to be different from what I remember her sounding like.

  4. @Billy Bob.

    You said “…You must have been out getting more doritos when Tim Berners-Lee appeared among us…”

    Nope, was there for that bit. They snorted. I explained the difference between http, tcp/ip, the darpanet version of the basic internetand the cern development of HTML. Diagrams were nearly drawn. They were sceptical… :-)

    Regards, Martyn

  5. It’s not Sue Barker.

  6. The opening was so utterly [email protected] it went right out the other side & was very nearly brilliant! :-)

  7. @Oldnat

    Nope, it’s Sue:

    (fingers crossed)

    Regards, Martyn

  8. 9pm-12.30am – OLYMPICS 2012: OPENING CEREMONY
    Commentators: Huw Edwards, Hazel Irvine & Trevor Nelson

    Sue was on earlier:
    Presenters: Sue Barker, Huw Edwards, Gary Lineker, Jake Humphrey, Mishal Husain

  9. Amber

    It sounds more like Hazel Irvine – though I didn’t think she had moved south.

  10. Amber


  11. @Amber

    It’s not often I get a chance to say this, but yes: you are right and I am wrong. Yes, it’s Hazel Irvine who is being clever (not Sue) and Huw Edwards being a potato.

    Regards, Martyn

  12. Just tuned in. The current commentator (female) is not Sue Barker – she sounds like the Scottish women who sometimes pops up on rugby internationals.

    Aidan Burley MP (Tory who got sacked as PPS after appearing in Nazi costume) has been tweeting about the opening ceremony being ‘leftie multi cultural [email protected]’.
    Sounds good then.

  13. We’re watching ‘Shipping News’ and I realise I’ve seen it before – just like politicians. See AW, always on topic.

    Zebedee time.

  14. Martyn

    Neither Amber or I are going to make anything of the fact that Hazel comes from somewhere north of Watford. :-)

  15. @ Martyn

    The BBC sneakily switched whilst you were out getting the 2nd helping of Doritos. :-)

  16. @Oldnat

    You mean Sue Barker isn’t Scottish?… :-)

    Regards, Martyn

  17. Martyn

    not just that – but Hazel apparently wrongly said that golf “will make it’s debut as an Olympic sport in 2016”, when it was an event in both 1900 and 1904.

    Shame on you Hazel!

  18. @Amber

    Possibly it was the second bottle…

    Huw is trying to keep up, but dear lord, it’s like watching Middlesbrough playing football against 11 Peles. Hazel (not Sue) is just reeling it off…


    Re: Aiden Burley: does he not realise that the Olympics is *supposed* to be multicultural?

    Regards, Martyn

  19. @Oldnat

    Yes, but to be fair, she has memorised the entire internet. She can’t get everything right…

    Regards, Martyn

  20. Martyn

    That’s no excuse! She competed in golf (as well as netball and athletics) for St Andrew’s Uni.

  21. Okay, does anybody want to play: What are the copper petals for?

  22. I have to say that at the best of times I’m a cynical b****** and was fully prepared to point and laugh at tonight’s opening ceremony with relish.

    However, I thought the whole thing was brilliant and caught the mood of what our nation is really like.

    Something really different done really well. A complete Leftfield triumph :-)

    Danny Boyle …well done that man!

    Made me feel proud to be part of the Isles of wonder!

  23. It was missing a dead parrot and Daleks, but it worked.

    I wonder if the American Tape Delay Broadcast will cut the NHS tribute…

  24. Not over yet!

    The Daleks might actually light the Olympic cauldron ;-)

  25. Dear Lord, how many countries are there which begin with T…?

  26. There is an ongoing conspiracy to co-opt U2 as British: they’re really not…


    There is a theory about the copper petals:

    I learn something new every day

    @Paul Bristol

    “…However, I thought the whole thing was brilliant and caught the mood of what our nation is really like…”

    Yep. Mad, drunk, sentimental, great soundtrack, quietly wonderful.

    Regards, Martyn


    “I wonder if the American Tape Delay Broadcast will cut the NHS tribute”.

    Let us know if it does! Now that you have brought it back to politics …..

    I thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle (like Paul Bristol, I was prepared to approach it cynically) – even to the extent that I was prepared to overlook minor errors like saying “UK NHS”

  28. @Paul Bristol

    “…The Daleks might actually light the Olympic cauldron…”

    On any other day, that might seem implausible… :-)

    Regards, Martyn

  29. @OldNat

    You said “…even to the extent that I was prepared to overlook minor errors like saying “UK NHS”…”

    Oooh, good catch…

    Regards, Martyn

  30. A bit pretentious for Team GB to come out wearing lots of gold? HM didn’t look impressed.

  31. The NHS bit was like a scene out of Dennis Potters’ Singing Detective and the dark moments were unexpected, as was the wonderful moment lampooning of chariots of fire.

    Now I’m not ruling out a 30 foot tall paper mache figure of Boris Johnson to close the Olympics in two weeks Pink Floyd style!

  32. @ Old Nat

    HM didn’t look impressed.
    That parachuting thing probably tired her out. ;-)

  33. Amber



    The question is –

    “Which newspapers will be pulped to add height to the existing paper mache figure of Boris Johnson?”

    The future direction of the Tory Party may depend on that decision.

  35. Interesting choice of carriers of the Olympic flag.

    Much more radical and inclusive than I would have anticipated.

  36. I complained to the BBC about these stupid commentators four years ago and was told I could opt out somehow but I bluddy well couldn’t figure out how yet again…

    “Those chimneys represent the industrial revolution, look you boyo” says Hugh self-importantly

    No!!!!!!!!!!!! Surely not???? Please talk over the next bit ‘cos I don’t uderstand any of it without your explanations.


    Strange. I don’t remember Huw Edwards (you might at least spell his name correctly) saying “look you boyo”.

  38. Silence really IS golden: did the lighting of the Olympic flame really need a voice over to explain [in advance!!!!!] what was happening?

    Huw or Hugh its just utterly irritating and unnecessary

    Seb Coe’s speech was excellent.

  39. Ok, Paul McCartney has just come on, time to switch off ;-)

  40. The ‘cauldron’ was awesome.

  41. ole gnat

    Yes, he says that regler.

  42. Macca was awful.

  43. Paul McCartney’s hair was awesome, there’s hope for David Cameron yet.

  44. @Amber

    He is old and it shows in his voice. But having said that, he did make the whole crowd join in. And given his worldwide success, who else could wrap up the opening ceremony?


    So, can we assume that Boyle’s knighthood is in the post?

    Regards, Martyn

  45. @Oldnat

    Leveson could make a ruling on that one! Rebekah Brooks must have the odd copy knocking around.

  46. @ Old Nat

    “Has there been much mention in the USA of Cameron describing Salt Lake City as “the middle of nowhere”?”

    I see my fellow Yank answered your question. Yes, the Mayor of Salt Lake City complained. In fact, they have a new mayor, something I would not have known but for this whole snafu. But it was not big news. It got reported on some blogs. Romney’s sh*tshow was not just reported on all the major news networks (he was even trashed on FOX News for it) but on local news and on Jay Leno (and I think David Letterman) too.

    Also, IMHO, Cameron is right on that. Compared to London (and most major American cities), Salt Lake City is in the middle of nowhere. Total population is 189,899. The entire state’s population is 2,817,222 and it’s a mostly rural state surrounded by lightly populated, mostly rural states. London’s population alone is 8,278,251, is the capital of one of the world’s leading powers, is the financial capital of the world, and is considered one of the three top-tier cities in the world (New York City and Tokyo being the other two).

  47. Hey Jude??


    monsieur nat: you were right – I was thinking of another bloke who WAS called Hugh who used to say it regler. Funny thing is he wasn’t even Welsh.

    By the way do you leap in to comment on weedy jokes about Brummie, Scouse or Cockney accents?

  48. @ Billy Bob


  49. socalliberal: Very impressed with your Salt Lake City population figures. “Around 190,000” would have been near enough for me.

    VI figures probaly will close as people lose any interest in politics for a while.

    They will then widen again in the autumn as people realise everything is still shit and George Osborne is still running the economy.

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